The End

A girl called Becky, nicknamed Bex, visits her sister Tillie as she lives her final hours.


2. The waiting game


I sat outside the room on the hard, pale green chair, looking down the long narrow corridor to my left and right, both with people waiting outside the doors. Only thinking how many other people in these corridors are waiting for the best news possible

. I sat cross legged and twiddling my thumbs, all I could do was wait. I feel have waited too much now. Not just today, but ever since Tillie got cancer. At least once a week I usually have to wait outside while she gets given her treatment, not knowing how long she has left. The hospital stopped her treatment last week, and she has been getting weaker and weaker. No one knows how long she has left, but I know for certain that from watching her today, she will not have long left.


The large nurse popped opened the door slightly and popped her head out “you can come in now honey” I stood up shaking, hoping in my heart that she would be able to jump to her feet and shout “I’m cured!” but I knew in my head that was never going to happen. I opened the door to set my eyes on Tillie lying in her bed. I kept strong for Tillie’s sake, but on the inside I was breaking down.

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