The End

A girl called Becky, nicknamed Bex, visits her sister Tillie as she lives her final hours.


3. Goodbye


I slowly walked towards her, the only noise I could hear was her heavy breathing. I held her hand, supporting it as she could not. One of the three nurses put her hand on my shoulder “we will give you your final moments alone” I nodded, sniffing as I tried to keep my tears back.


I heard the door close, which meant there were only two people in the room. Tillie and I. She couldn’t move she was so weak, she couldn’t even keep her black eyes open. The only thing she could do was whisper a few words. Three words to be exact. I cried my heart out, not being able to hold it in any more.


I sat holding her hand until I could see her chest move no more. I stood up, kissed her forehead and walked out of the room. I will never forget those three words she whispered to me, I will keep them close to my heart forever. Those words were:



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