Where was my guardian angel?

Ellen has to decide her fate, she is standing on a cliff, no one would care if she died. She had an abusive father and is bullied at school. Even the teachers dont care enough to investigate her life, has fourteen years pushed her to the ledge?


2. That day.

I always got up bright and early; hoping to escape a beating from my father who blamed me for everything, this morning was different. I creped downstairs to the kitchen, where my father sat in a chair, spinning a gold coin on the table. “Hi dad.” I tried not to sound scared. “Where do you think you’re going?” His eyes were in a straight stare, focused at a crack in the table. The light flickered, dad hadn’t paid the electric bills in months and with each flicker threatened to take away the light. “To school.”

“At this hour I think not. Where were you going!!! Were you trying to leave! You can’t leave I own you!” His hand struck my cheek with a force that knocked me off my feet to hit the wall. “I was going to school dad.” My eyes welled up. “Oh don’t put those crocodile tears on like your mother, she was pathetic, worthless and so are you.” He grabbed my cheek, leaving red cuts where his nails had dug in. “You will never leave here, ever.” He whispered in my ear, before pushing me against the wall and storming upstairs. I could hear vase’s smashing, then the T.V hitting the floor and shattering. I placed my head on my knees, covered my ears and cried, but tried not to make a sound.


I left my house and ran down the concreted pavement. I was already late; I didn’t want to get detention again because that meant another beating. As I rounded the corner towards the schools iron gates, I froze. Melisa and her gang were standing waiting for me. I flicked up my hood and looked at the ground. “Oi Brainy! Where do you think you’re going?”  Melisa headed towards me; I just wanted to get to class. “I’m going to class.” I tried to walk past her but Melisa’s crew blocked my way. They cornered me until I could feel the iron bars digging into my back. “I think your late small fry.”  Melisa pulled at my jet black hair. “Please leave me alone.” Melisa scoffed. “Now what would be the fun in that?” Melisa walked away and her crew pushed me to the ground, I struggled as they took my shoes and threw them at the telephone post. Once they were gone, I picked myself off the ground and walked barefooted into the school.


“Sit down Ellen.” Miss Mildew instructed, not even asking why I was late or the fact that I had no shoes. Why didn’t the teachers worry about me? Why didn’t they ask? Why did they just turn a blind eye? I sat down at the same old desk, and went into my own little world, where I was safe and had nothing to worry about. At lunchtime I sat in a corner trying to stay out of people’s views. I tended not to make friends it often ended up that they ditched me when they found out about my dad beating me. Then Melisa strutted over towards me, took my drink, pouring it over my head. I ran off out the room humiliated, while the whole room laughed.


Sitting in the toilet sobbing into my tattered jumper. “Are you ok?” A soft voice asked and a girl entered the bathroom. She pushed open the door, her blond hair hung at her sides, I shook my head. “That wasn’t nice what they done. I’m Lola.” She offered her hand and I hesitated before I shook it. “Why are you being so nice to me?” Lola wiped my eyes. “Everybody needs a friend in this world.” Was her response. I liked this girl; she was the first girl who had genially been nice to me for no reason. Lola took my hand and dragged me out into the light and stood me in front of the mirror. I went to turn away but Lola forced me to look. I didn’t know what she was doing, but I didn’t like my reflection. "What are you doing?"

 “I see a strong girl in this mirror, which needs to let out her anger. She needs to stop hiding and be the girl she wants to be. You are beautiful Ellen, don’t ever forget that. Just remember this is only part of your life and when you’re out of here you can do what you want, be who you want, so just hang on. It will get better.” Lola released me and left, I stared into the mirror. “That’s not what I see.” I hung my head and slumped off to my next class.


After school I never went home, I hadn’t seen Lola again and had to think. I spent the whole night out walking about, thinking until I came to the cliff and that’s where I stood now. Deciding my fate. Should I listen to what the girl said? Lola didn’t know how hard it was to be me. I couldn’t take it anymore. My father was abusive and blamed me for my mother’s death and I started to believe him, I got bullied at school and had no friends, and in my mind, and everyone else’s, I had no future. So what was the point?

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