Where was my guardian angel?

Ellen has to decide her fate, she is standing on a cliff, no one would care if she died. She had an abusive father and is bullied at school. Even the teachers dont care enough to investigate her life, has fourteen years pushed her to the ledge?


1. At the edge.

It was the middle of a Wednesday night. I looked down from the cliff at the jagged rocks below, I wanted to do it so bad. The name calling, torment and beatings had gotten too much. If this is the world, I didn’t want to live in it anymore.  If there was a god, why would he put an innocent fourteen year old girl in a home where she would not be loved, a school where bullies pray on the harmless like her? My jeans blew in the wind as I looked towards the night sky. “Why!” I bellowed at the top of my lungs, a liquid shielded my eyes, wanting to be let free, but crying would do me no good. I could hear the sirens of an ambulance in the faint distance. “They will be for me soon.” I muttered under my breath. How did it all come to this? Where was my guardian angel? Why was no one there to protect me? I reviewed the whole day in the back of my head, and couldn’t see what I had done wrong.

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