A novel about a species of woman created to destroy called the flames that have been since the beginning of time . When Nina is marked she knows she is destined to an immortal life filled only with anger and bitter pleasure but when she receives a calling from the phoenix: an order to destroy a young blonde haired champion. She begins to feel human again. Can you fall in love without a heart?


9. the morning after

Nina stretched like a cat, blissfully happy. Her golden bed sheets were screwed up, and dwarfed her gentle body. She was not fully awake, yet. When she slept she was vulnerable and small. She looked like any other girl in the house. A maid even. Not important or beautiful. But kind and pretty. When she slept, she lost her guard. She knew none of this, only the her lovers knew this, but they took no notice of it. No one knew her true soul, or her darkest secrets.

Andrews point on view.

Andrew was outside by the fountain. A note book on his lap. Filled with pictures, he was an talented but modest artist. He drew what ever he thought of, letting his hand guide him. After joining the army, surrounded by such boring surroundings, with no beauty or inspiration. His hand failed to draw, but now... He gazed down at his latest drawing. Nina, every whisper of the breeze seemed to say this, ever sense of his body screamed her name.The picture had drawn was beautiful, His whole note book was filled with drawings like this. Ones of her face, Her eyes, her lips... Ones of her full body, deadly and gentle. Ones of her looking over her shoulder. None of them, quite right. The looked like her, but she didn't look right. Colour was missing.

When he first met her, he was consumed by her. At first he thought she was small, unprotected. But he soon came to realise, she was fiery, protective, loyal,  strong and independent. But she confused him. He thought he saw something within her, maybe a future? But then, nothing, she had purposely blocked him out. That was why he had stayed quiet. He wanted to know why? At first he thought their feelings weren't mutual. But he could read her like an open book... most of the time.

The night he had first arrived at this royal house, he was given clothes, a warm bed, refreshments and hospitality... but no explanation. He had hovered near the meeting room Nina was seated in, ready to confront her, when he had realised she wasn't alone. Her and her friends were talking and laughing from within the room. He had felt a pang of jealously. She cared about them, she loved her friends. They were so lucky, and they knew it.  He had listened to what they were saying...

"Do you think the phoenix has abandoned you?" The phoenix, did they mean the voice? He had always heard a voice, since his father had died. The voice. Telling him to fight for what he believed him, giving him strength, telling him he was strong, guiding him when no one else did. Telling him to get on the train with Nina. He always listened but never told any one about it. He was almost certain Nina wasn't human... is she like me? "Yes" Nina's answer had winded him. She had just admitted her super natuaral status and I struggled to understand what this meant. They moved onto a different topic soon after, as I sat there, leaning against the door,  completely shocked. I had heard a pair of foot steps coming round the corner, and I had ran out side still in shock.

Once out side, I had gone to the stables. I had always had a sixth sense with horses, and I let my  instincts guide me towards the stables. Inside was seven horses. Right at the back, with one of the largest stall's, was a beautiful black horse. Midnight, it was her horse. Lucky horse. Again, I was jealous of it. Jealous of a horse! I stayed in there, just watching the horse from the comfort of a small wooden stall, for what seemed like forever. That was when I decided to draw the gorgeous horse. I took out my note book from my back pocket, and I started to draw it wrapped up in my own thoughts. I never focused on my drawing until I had finished it. Finally coming back to earth I looked down at the paper in shock. That was the first time I had ever drawn Nina.

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