A novel about a species of woman created to destroy called the flames that have been since the beginning of time . When Nina is marked she knows she is destined to an immortal life filled only with anger and bitter pleasure but when she receives a calling from the phoenix: an order to destroy a young blonde haired champion. She begins to feel human again. Can you fall in love without a heart?


2. The kill

I sighed deeply, boring of my own tiresome ritual, of burning the trees I slept in. Ever since had arrived in England I had taken to sleeping in trees, because the English wood lands were a lot more scarce, than the dense rain forests I was used to. I regretted having chosen a wide oak tree, its majesty had drawn me too it, My mother had always told me I had an eye for beauty... I shook off the thought, cursing myself for dwelling on the past. I was different now."That's an understatement" I muttered to myself, idly wasting time, prolonging the life of a thousand year old tree: nearly an immortal like myself. I ignored the fact that even, I, was not immortal, and twirled a ripe green leaf between my fingers. Its beautiful lush green colour  was tinged with black every where I touched it. If I concentrated, I could stop it, the burning, the fire, I could turn it off. Why would you want to do that, I smiled at my madness... I aimed to be unique, mostly because it pissed the council off, but, if I looked into my hazy, worthless days of humanity, wasn't I different then too? stop it!

I sternly turned around, dropping and treading on the leaf, as I walked past. I could not draw it out any longer! without an ounce of caution or regret in my bloody red eyes, I placed my hands steadily onto the  wide berth of bar,k stretching around the green oak . My long red nails made contact with the intricate patterns of bark and I pushed the throbbing in my chest down my arms and through my long elegant fingers. Even through all my delaying I could not deny the deep sensations rushing through my body like fire works; the thrill I felt on a-day-to-day basis... just from destroying... from conquering. I fell back into my fantasy: raging tongues of fire greedily grabbing at the morning sky, tingeing the forest red, reaching for the surrounding prey... snatching there leaves up in angry waves of heat.

Fire coursed through my body, setting the tree alight, swathing it in burgundy yellow arms, climbing up wards, until it could go no further; then still attempting to go further, to break free of its bloody shackles. "freedom" I tried to say in contempt ...but the words just fell off my tongue in a blissful sigh, dripping like honey in the air. The belittled tree fell to its death collapsing into nothing."There is no such thing as true freedom," The flames dyed with sweet reluctance, fighting with every thing they had, each step of the way. The words I uttered tasted like bile, and my soul would have held onto the hope... but I had no soul, so I let it go without fighting it, and somehow if the fire was still here, I thought it may have been ashamed of me.

The thrill of running was like no other, not as passionate as kissing a lover and not as powerful as destroying them. A mix of adrenaline and sheer joy. The three pleasures balanced each other out, if the other two were not there, what was too stop me from forever running to the ends of the Earth? From holding a lover for eternity? From destroying everything in my path? From unleashing my true power? For if I did that... Whom would I caress? What would I run too and from?The answer to my last question hung in the air, I would run from the flames... eternally damned.

My thoughts irritated me, and as I neared a small clearing at the edge of the woods, I smoothed my big skirts down. The black velvet material fell in layers unfurling and hanging with elegance only the finest crafts man could achieve. The plush material felt smooth under my fingers and I wanted this dress to last, so I stopped the blossoming flames from touching it. The bodice enhanced my subtle curves, pulling my waist in and lacing up at the back gorgeously. It left my neck and shoulders bare which would stand out in the constant drizzle of rain, so even though the cold was shying away from my boiling skin, I pulled on a thick black coat that also tied up at the waist falling mid-thigh. I pulled up the hood of the coat around my dark, delicate face:My last attempt to be inconspicuous. 

My image reflected back at me, through the widows in the buildings I passed. I was slender but not delicate, although I was average height, I held my self with defiance, taking the long agile strides of a warrior. In  my tribe, the women had as much right to protect our home land as any man. In my family generation to generation, The females had stayed strong against all forces, they were feared and admired across the land. I remember being proud of my heritage, and boasting about my mother constantly. I sighed at my stupidity, at wanting to rehash such childish memories. My curls, the colour of midnight, thickly framed my black face. Complementing my perfectly arched eye brows and pitch black eyes, hidden under heavy eye lids and full lashes. I pulled my hood closer every time I caught a glimpse of my reflection; No one needed to remember me.

My skin is like dark chocolate, which is obviously sourced from my African origins and exceedingly flawless, but it stood out in the streets of London, where their white skin was pale to the point of translucent.  Although other black people from my country were among us, they were enslaved and defiantly not wearing clothes in the same spectrum, as the velvet material that hugged my body. I enjoyed being different, but not conspicuous, so as I picked my way along the cobbled pavement, I pulled my hood low against my face and pushed my way past any one walking down the street, in the opposite direction.

I knew what I had too do and smiled at the darkness with in my plan... "Excuse me," My voice came out shrill and helpless (I relished in the character). A young man with dark hair, was sitting on the bench outside a bank, reading the news paper intently. His handsome striking features, were uncommon on the streets of England, but his eyes bore the same boredom as the others. His brown eyes looked up nonchalantly, as if he were approached by young woman, every day and I detested his cockiness. Of course, as his eyes traced the contours of my face, and finally fell into my pitch black eyes, he was hypnotized. There was no need to act on any further, but I enjoyed playing the role.It made  him underestimate me, so then when I killed him, the surprise in his eyes would bring a satisfactory smile to my  full lips.

"Yes miss" He tilted is hat with a mischievous look in his eye. "How may I pleasure you" his lips said greedily.His eyes ran over my body slowly, as if he had every right too. One thought rang clear in my mind: I was going to enjoy killing him. "I was wondering where the central park is" I dipped my head bashfully, my lips producing a small grin from the anticipation of slaughtering this beast of a man. Usually I play with there hearts, first I tell them we going to be together eternally, that I loved them, I would kiss them and fill there head with hopes for my own entertainment... then kill them. This one I had no such patience for so I was not going to exercise my time on such a tiresome man.  

He took my hand to him arm and smiled wickedly. He seemed to think he had the upper hand, I toyed with the idea of getting his hopes up but I was to impatient to wipe that smug smile off his face, he looked as though expected more from me and I hated to disappoint. But his incessant sly looks made it hard for me too not tear his head of in the middle of the stretch of green named London park. Because of the light drizzle it was deserted, the trees clustered together in the distance would make a perfect place to leave his body and he was me towards them all ready. "Thank you for taking me hear under such strange conditions." I did a small curtsey to prove my innocence drawing out the final moments of this man's life. 

"Why would such a pretty little girl come all the way out here, with a stranger, to the middle of a deserted park, I wonder?" His voice was slow and obviously his idea, of seductive. "I was just meeting a friend... but they don't seem to have turned up, I'm sorry for wasting your time!" the words left my lips in  girlish squeal.Just as he turned round, I would reach to gab his shoulder, my eyes blazing red, I'd tear out his heart and breathe in his rich life source... Just when I thought he would turn, he grabbed me by the waist.

He pulled of my coat roughly and breathed into my ear "I'm sure you can make it worth my while my sweet" he pushed me too the ground, grabbing at the back my dress trying to untie the criss cross corset. My cup of anger overflowed and I pushed him back with such force he nearly broke his neck hitting the massive ageing tree, 10 metres away. I waited for him to come round: I wanted him conscious for every second of this. My skin was flaming, sparks flying in and out of my vision. 

He looked up like a rabbit in front of a hunter, trying to calculate an pointless escape which would just increase my fun. My arms were fully bare so I spread them out letting my strength and power flourish. "Run!" I growled... "RUN" The roar that escaped my lips was enough too send him to his feet stampeding drunkenly away from me. I gave him hope, letting him run for 5 seconds and then at the same point as making my decision I was in front of him. I smiled at him "You are going to die a slow and horrible death... Then you are going to rot in fucking hell!" I pierced his stomach just missing his heart. Then I twisted my hand slowly before with drawing it.

His face was distorted through screaming, the excruciating pain radiating off of him, I lapped up the life source slowly drifting of him, like mist. Sucking in the energy. I stabbed him twice more for the sheer fun of it then grabbed his throat with my two hand s the fire burning through the delicate flesh on his jaw "You are going to feel every second of you death!"I spat, my beautiful face slowly smiled. I was a predator and he was the prey there was no more to it, so instead of killing him... I let him die slowly, for two hours, drinking in any life source that floated away from his body. It warmed my body intensely and after I felt regenerated. 

I Left his body high in the trees, hoping squirrels had a savage side, and made my way towards the steam train station.I had spent 7 nights in England, attending balls every night in gorgeous dress's and sipping champaign with the upper class, but nothing compared to torturing that man... not even the 13 other men I had killed. Next stop, France, I quite liked the idea of throwing someone of the top of the ifle tower just to cause an upset. I smiled at my cruel twisted imagination and dipped my head ruefully when any one passed. I hoped France were prepared.

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