A novel about a species of woman created to destroy called the flames that have been since the beginning of time . When Nina is marked she knows she is destined to an immortal life filled only with anger and bitter pleasure but when she receives a calling from the phoenix: an order to destroy a young blonde haired champion. She begins to feel human again. Can you fall in love without a heart?


12. the horse ride

I didn't need confidence too speak to him any more. He knew what I wanted, like he knew his own mind. He secretly feared the council, not for his own life but mine. He loved me whole heartedly, as he loved sketching and horses. He loved to watch the sun rise and set. He dreamed of living on an island, surrounded by colours and sound. He had always wanted to work on a farm, Marry someone pretty and kind, and have two sons. Nina worried about his future, he would never have children. What if he dies. The thought made her mind scream and he held me tight as she finnaly admitted, for the first time. What had happened at the manour two years ago...

The vision, only she knew about, he now knew and understood. It was like any other vision, it showed her from the sky's perspective, dressed all in black, crying. She was surrounded by other people in the first scene, all crying, all dressed in black, but she could not make out what was going on. In the second scene she was dressed normally, holding white roses, walking through a grave yard. She relived the horror of zooming into the grave stone at her feet. Here lies Jame's and Anna-bell Smith, Dearly loved parents and friends. Parents, they were going to live a good life! But then she saw some thing else... Aged 32 and 33. So young! They are only 28 and 29 now. 4 years to live... I had eons. He held me in pain. Soothing me over...

Then I showed him my second vision. It was him. He held a sword and with him were annabel and James. And on the gravestone was my name. No. I will not let that happen. Neither of them. I disagreed but he ignored my thoughts.

His next thought was so sweet and so ordinary, it made me laugh. Lets go horse riding. It seemed as if they could go to the moon and back, meet again in next lives. Become any thing they wished. Horse riding was so simple, it made me tingle. Have we really only been like this for half an hour. I felt like I'd been searching for him my whole life. I quickly saddled Midnight, and searched for another horse. The three biggest horse's, my own, Star and red, (a sturdy bay horse) were all occupied. So I chose Tom, a medium sized chestnut horse. But Andrew shook his head, "The eighth one"

"Eighth? there are only seven stables?" I didn't under stand what he was talking about. Then look into his mind. Doing this did not seem like a violation, more like walking into my own room. Then I saw it. Out in the forest a little distance away, was an eighth horse! Not wild, but in a stable, Jame's? It was obviously neglected, Jame's wouldn't mind... It took me a moments consideration. "let's go" I whispered.



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