A novel about a species of woman created to destroy called the flames that have been since the beginning of time . When Nina is marked she knows she is destined to an immortal life filled only with anger and bitter pleasure but when she receives a calling from the phoenix: an order to destroy a young blonde haired champion. She begins to feel human again. Can you fall in love without a heart?


4. The confusion

We stumbled into first class just before the train took off, and I quickly tried to make sense of what I was going to do. The due date of my living nightmare was coming closer and closer. He needed to be there when it happed. He was the one. He dropped my hand and sat down defeated and confused. I gave in to my sensibility and sat down too, waiting for his questions. but none came. For half an hour he stared out the window with his eyebrows furrowed, as if solving an equation. "You must come with me, I can't explain why, you have no choice." One look from his big blue doe eyes and I was melting.

"OK" His voice was steady and decisive. What? Miniature, no, real life fire works were going off all around me, amazing, beautiful fire works.Why was I reacting this way? All of these questions were making me dizzy and I finally drew up a conclusion. I must not let him die. Other than that I could ignore him. I could just leave him with James maybe. Then come back when the due date arrived. Everything must be exactly the same. And in that dreaded vision. He had been almost a stranger to me. Things must stay that way.

I stood up cautiously, not looking him in the eye and turned to leave our cabin. " Will you come back?" His voice was so young, so unprotected.  "Yes" No other answer would have sufficed. I left, trying to walk in a straight line, in a moving train. It lurched backwards and forward and I clung to the gold rail that followed one wall of the train, the other lined with doors.  I stumbled into a small lavatory to the right side of the train, next to our small room. It was filled only with a toilet and mirror, which I barley fit in, and the claustrophobia made me feel sick. I clutched the sink with both my hands, holding my self steady, and looked at my reflection.

My face looked normal, sharp defined cheek bones, broad nose, full lips, and dark skin surrounded by mass's of curls... but my eyes! My eye hit me like a train at top speed, they were green! The colour of the trees in spring, bright, luminous green. I remember having green eyes as a human, I remember! I leaned towards the mirror fascinated and scared... was I becoming human?But in a blink of an eye, they were gone. I stared into my stone cold black eyes, distraught.What was happening to me?Was I going mad... or turning human? I needed to see James, he was older than me. Physically and mentallyand I needed advice. 

I walked back through the door to find a ticket collector having a heated discussion with the boy. I coughed loudly. They were silenced. "Would you see me out side, sir?" I asked politely, and begrudgingly, he obliged. "You never saw us," I looked into his eyes, turned around and left him dazed and confused.Some times being a flames had it's advantages. Mind control was just one.

"You boy, What is your name?" I demanded, once in the safety of out elegant but small, first-class cabin. He stood and bowed making my breath catch in my throat. "Andrew, Miss" His accent was incredibly southern and sweet, "You are making a fool of your self," I said harshly, "sit, now" He looked confused.It was better this way, I may be turning human or mad... now was not the time to make friends.

"I am Nina, you may ask questions, but don't expect answers" I said tiredly. He nodded curtly. Then looked out the window resuming his earlier position. Why is he doing that, why isn't he angry? confused, why, is he OK with this? I was confused and annoyed, but mostly the latter. Why did I feel like I couldn't control my self around him? Why did I feel so comfortable. Just drop him off and leave. I repeated it over and over to myself. Just drop him off and leave.

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