A novel about a species of woman created to destroy called the flames that have been since the beginning of time . When Nina is marked she knows she is destined to an immortal life filled only with anger and bitter pleasure but when she receives a calling from the phoenix: an order to destroy a young blonde haired champion. She begins to feel human again. Can you fall in love without a heart?


8. the ball

The ballroom was a grand hall.Bigger than the main dining hall and reserved for occasions like this. It was packed with people dancing, laughing and talking. Waiters were interwoven with the crowds of people, serving champagne and other refreshments. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement, and I quickly recognized odd people from around the room, from previous balls and galas. The women wore vibrant pinks and lilacs but none of them red.As I made my way down the marble steps, into a massive ball room, Peoples heads turned and the noise drooped an octave.I loved the attention usually but right now, I could only think of one thing... Andrew.

Andrews head bobbed up and his baby blue eyes widened in surprise. His lips were smiling of their own accord, and his eyes were fixed to mine. Instead of ducking my head shyly, I fell into the blue pools of light, blissfully unaware of any thing else. When I floated down the last few steps the orchestra started playing from the other side of the room. I recognised it as the waltz and my heart skipped a beat. I had always been fond of the waltz and as Andrews large soft hands made contact with mine, my feet weren't even touching the ground. He carried me effortlessly around the dance floor. Our movements in time with each other. As if we were no longer our own person. As if we had merged into one...

Somewhere in the middle of the song, my mind flicked from love to lust, to nothing. I was floating in a clear blue sky surrounded by white puffy clouds. cool air tickled my neck... or was that Andrew. Love incapacitated me. Then I was surrounded by fire. Pushing our bodies together pulsing through our veins, enticing, exciting and intoxicating. To hot to be comfortable, but not to hot to enjoy the heat. Then I saw nothing... Only him. What I felt for him wasn't love, it wasn't lust, it was like duty. I needed to protect him, I needed to be with him. it was healthy for both of us, for both our races... Wait where did that come from? 

I scolded my mind. Sometimes I lost logic around Andrew... and I loved that. Afterwards I knew I would regret our encounter but now, it was all I could think about. When Andrew came to a halt. My clouds drifted away, my fire flickered off, my happiness drained from my body and all of a sudden I could see again. The room was silenced. Mouths were hanging open and every ones attention was on one girl. Leona. ducked her head, cautiously watching where she stepped. The moment dragged and she looked up. Her eyes widened and her mouth widened involuntarily, as she realized... They were looking at her! Her lace bodice was sweet and beautiful, her long folded blue skirt flowed out behind her like water rushing down from her hips. Her hair was completely down for once and it hit her hips perfectly. One bronzed, blonde, beautiful and stunning woman held every ones attention.

As soon as she was down, Harry was bowing deeply and holding out his hand.His messy bronzed hair was slicked back, for once. His golden eyes were melting like honey.How had he not noticed her before? They danced in circles as had I and Andrew, for the whole ball,not stopping for announcements, or even when there was no music. They were on cloud nine. Nothing would interrupt them. Except Harriet.She had slithered into the room unnoticed.But now every ones eyes were on her. Every one minus two. 

Her thick black mane was resting wildly on her shoulders. Her eyes were an unchanging murky brown, but the size of them was amazing.they were constantly opened in surprise. Like a new born baby bird. Scratch that, a new born baby bird with a secret agenda. Nina hated her instantly. For attempting to separate her best friend and doting dance partner. For the way she looked at Andrew greedily. For the way she snarled at her. Her dress was traditional.A black bodice and a full black skirt but it was scattered with a million gold flecks. shining as she moved. Glinting like stars. A maid?What maid wore a dress like that?No one except Nina, noticed that odditie. Darkness is here.

But Andrew had noticed Nina's beautiful rising temper . A feral look had come across her eyes, and she looked more strong than ever. He loved the way she was so fiercely loyal to her friends. One look was all he took, then he was begrudgingly striding away from her. "I'm sorry" He murmured to her. But her black eyes looked a little lost when she nodded. Then, the strangest thing happened. He swore he saw flecks of green in those bottomless black eyes. But they were gone in an instant."A dance?" he asked Harriet.

 The evening spun away in a blur. Leona was insanely happy and Harry smiled proudly at his dance partner. James was the life of the party, socializing. Laughing, smiling. His small red-headed wife hung back with Nina.Greeting guests. Commenting on dresses and basically having a good laugh.They all enjoyed the evening except Andrew. He hated Harriet and himself for leaving Nina. It was too late to stop now. He was falling in love.

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