A novel about a species of woman created to destroy called the flames that have been since the beginning of time . When Nina is marked she knows she is destined to an immortal life filled only with anger and bitter pleasure but when she receives a calling from the phoenix: an order to destroy a young blonde haired champion. She begins to feel human again. Can you fall in love without a heart?


6. new beginnings?

The introductions were short and sweet, but after one of the maids had escorted Andrew too his room, I knew what would happen. Over looking the fact I had neglected him for two years, James sat on the plush purple love seat with Anna-bell by the crackling fire, and looked me in the eye. "What happened," His voice was soft but wise and I told them almost every thing, avoiding the reason I had disobeyed the pheonix. "Why do you not ant us to know why you disobeyed the pheonix. That must have needed a ridiculous amount of restraint, what with you already going against his main demand, I'm suprised you've made it this long,"

"I can't even hear him, now"

"Do you think he's abandoned you?" James pondered disbelieving his own theory almost instantly.

"Yes" I wasn't expecting that answer from my own lips but my mouth seemed to be working on its own accord lately.Jame's eye brows disappeared but Anna-bell looked unsurprised. I often wondered if the Phoenix had touched her as well. All creatures created from dark originated from him. He gave us the option to be good, he gave us free will, but his purpose was to keep the balance of good and bad. He created good and bad. Like Jame's- he was destined to be good, as many others were. But me, I was made to be evil. All flames were.

"Impossible," Muttered James.

"Remarkable," Corredted Anna-bell.

One of the maid's with a tiny figure and girlish features, entered the room with tea and I quickly recognised her. "Leona!" I cried. She placed the tea down and turned to me in astonishment, "NINA!" She hugged me tight. "Where have you been?!" I laughed at my mistake of thinking she was a maid, but she carried on relentlessly, "Why was I not informed of this" She probed James's eyes. He laughed," It was a bit short notice". For such a small person, Leona was always so stubborn. Leona kept the horses with James, and met me when I first stayed the night. She and I had both risen early in the morning, and shared our passion for horses.

Leona was slightly taller than me but slim and girlish whereas I was volumptuous and attention seeking. Unless around close friends she was quiet and kept to her self. And around horses, she was a changed person. Her horse, Star had also taken to my horse, midnight. Star was a magnificent horse the same light build as midnight, but with a pure white coat, there characters were more different than there coats though; midnight was fiery, proud, mischievous and mysterious. Star is a sweetheart, shy, timid and well behaved. But when running,  both were strong, righteous animals, competitive and fierce.

I felt so at home, sitting there with my friends, drinking tea delicatly and laughing  at there old jokes and new story's. As if I had left for one night only. Leona had sat next to me, whilst james and Anna-bell held hands in their love seat, blissfully happy. Harry was sitting with Harriet, a new maid he seemed to have taken to quickly. We sat there until late at night enjoying our selves and acting normal. But not once was I not thinking about Andrew, why did he make me feel so human???

No one mentioned the pheonix's unexpected and impossible absense. This was between me, James and anna-bel. No one else could know. And for some reason, my heart urged me not to mention it again. As though I needed to hide it from someone. I trusted my friends whole-heartedly and although I didn't understand I complied to my instincts. Any way. I knew I had to depart soon.

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