A novel about a species of woman created to destroy called the flames that have been since the beginning of time . When Nina is marked she knows she is destined to an immortal life filled only with anger and bitter pleasure but when she receives a calling from the phoenix: an order to destroy a young blonde haired champion. She begins to feel human again. Can you fall in love without a heart?


3. Meeting Andrew

I slipped a look at the steam train leaving the station, its smooth red surface vibrant against the scenic English country side. I preferred the scenic and greener part of England better to hectic and grey London,  the breeze was rich and good and the sun always shined brighter. It was a pity having to leave so early but I couldn't loiter... Unless I visited an old friend in the suburbs... I played with the idea... Once in a blue moon I did make friends, I know it sounds ridiculous but I wasn't completely alone in the world... James lived in the English country side... in Yorkshire.But I had left so abruptly last time! I knew I would be forgiven but I didn't deserve it.

James is a vampire by nature and an old romantic by heart. Like the flames, vampires were discreet with what they were, trusting only carefully selected friends. I, was one of his. I met him a few hundred years ago when he first moved here, some time in the 1600's. he had had a ball to commemorate the occasion, and  I was tailing a young man attending the ball; I thought he was going to the middle of no where! I had recently been turned and had fled from Africa, completely alone in the world. To my surprise he welcomed me. He tried to teach me to be good,but  to no avail.At least I thought that...

James used to be more fun before he got settled with Anna-bell. Unlike the flames, vampires had the option of growing old, and he chose to grow old with his human lover. Vampires in my world were able to do every thing a normal man would do, except better, they were faster, stronger and usually better looking too. They could only keep up the strength and speed through maintaining a healthy diet of blood... But he sacrificed it all for one girl. That one girl of course is my best friend, Anna bell had known me since she turned seventeen and fled her boring city life for France. She never made it and arrived at James manor shaking in the cold. Then BAM, love at first sight! I had befriended her and known her since.

But since that day I haven't seen her, Maybe it was time to make amends. Once upon a time I was nicer, I was still evil, but not by choice. I killed only when necessary (which is once a month) and although I enjoyed what I was, I never felt comfortable. 2 years ago , I had a sense of humour, but something broke, inside me... on that night.. every thing changed. 

A group of military officers marched down the cobble stones lined up next too the track. Defiantly not a common site...  I wasn't involved in the goings on in the government in England, or recent events, but war seemed unlikely. I knew vaguely about a serial killer called jack the ripper, but not much else. The Queen, Victoria was a hostile woman, whom I hoped never to meet and I wasn't a fan of the royals. Other than that I cared minutely about the humans problems. They were cattle, and that alone, in my eyes. Some aren't my mind automatically added. But I ignored it.

One of the soldiers caught my eye, he was tall, well-built and ruggedly handsome. His brown hair was slicked back, his brown eyes determined. He seemed like an easy target and to my amusement, it looked as if they were taking a train to some where. They broke out of formation as soon as they reached the station, chatting and sitting, none of them noticing me. He was all alone. What a pity. I started towards him, hungry for a mid journey snack. Fustratingly he hadn't noticed me and was walking hastilly towards the track where he sat amongst a few other young males.

There goes my snack.A train pulled in to the station, and they stampeded on... Last chance to catch a snack... But this train went in the opposite direction to France, was it really time to make amends? Don't go on yet The voice came from my soul and my skin crawled just thinking of disobeying. I never knew when the Phoenix would ask anything of me. Sometimes it was to change my plans, or to tell me not to kill someone, to chose some one else. The only command I had ever disobeyed, was to join the flames.It hurt me to not do as he said, but I stood firm.

The last of the soldiers were filing in and I began to feel agitated. The pheonix would never deprive one of his daughters from blood. He fed of our satisfaction. He enjoyed the surge of power we felt when we vanquished our enemys. "Ugh" A strangelled growl erupted from my lips, as I was promptly shoved over. "Are you OK?" A blonde male caught hold of my arm (The same one whom had shoved me over). He was broader and bigger than any of the soldiers, and he was looking down into my eyes as if he knew me. I knew him.He looked like a farm boy, his complexsion too tanned to not substitute days of hard work in sweltering heat. How did I know him...

"Yes, I can handle my self" I pulled my arm back rudely. "Looks can be deceiving," I stared him down. Why did he look so familiar? Finally after looking at me for 10 seconds trying to work me out, his brow creased " Yeah, I know" he said.And thats when it happenned. I remembered his face. "No" I cried. Don't show me that night. Not that night. That was the reason I run away from my friends. The reason I had become this. "Are you OK?" He looked worried. It was him. He was the one who could save them he was the one- kill him. The voice was demanding but I resisted. No. Now. The pheonixs majesty and authority echoed in my head. No.

For the first time, I looked at him. I guess he was very attractive, but just not in the way I liked. Every thing about him breathed light and goodness. Hiss blonde hair still had the fluffy consistency of a baby boy. His blue eyes were big and sincerre. His chest was wide even when it was caved in, and his shoulders massie even when he was hunched. He was at least a head above me and twice my width... But for some reason he looked vunreble... Not my type. I liked lean dark guys, exciting, flaky, disposable. But even as I thought all this, an annoying urge was pushing me to fall into his arms, to rest on his chest, to feel safe, protected. I shook my head, trying to rid myself of these thoughts. But as much as I hated these feelings. I knew I had to protect him.

His lips were frowning as if wrapped up in his own unhappy thoughts, though. Right then, I would have done any thing to make him smile. Why? I was clueless, I knew I could not kill him, I had to keep him alive. I felt drained, heavy... I couldn't muster the mental strength to hypnotise him.I turned to face the boy, no idea where he was going or why he was here.

All to fast, I fell into one of my visions, just one of the other perks the phoenix had gifted me with. It showed this blue eyed stranger laying dead on the floor, a raging war surrounding him. He looked peaceful and happy amongst the crowds of dyeing people. He could have been asleep... but the blood that seeped through he wound told a different story. He'll die anyway.The voice was powerful. just do it. He. will. not. die.

So he was here to sign up? The train made a deafening noise signalling it was leaving.I made a snap decision, partly on logic and partly on instincts,  "you need to get on this train with me!" The wind had picked up and my hair was blowing round my face, blinding me. And the nearing noise of a train prevented me from hearing him. For a few seconds, I felt completely lost. I prayed to the phoenix he would come.But then I felt a large, warm hand wrap around my own...

I'd never felt anything like it.It was slow, it seeped through my body slowly like a million birds, taking there time to glide down my arm towards my heart, then making every thing fuzzy and... happy. No! My mind gasped: these were human emotions... But I was already swept up in a cocoon of baby pink. For the first time in my life utterly content. I did not question the fact he had not questioned my motives. Every thing seemed natural. But as I soon learnt. Nothing lasts.

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