A novel about a species of woman created to destroy called the flames that have been since the beginning of time . When Nina is marked she knows she is destined to an immortal life filled only with anger and bitter pleasure but when she receives a calling from the phoenix: an order to destroy a young blonde haired champion. She begins to feel human again. Can you fall in love without a heart?


7. Breakfast time

 The morning had been pleasant affair,  if a little awkward. Harriet had disappeared and Harry and Leona were down the stables. I wanted to join them but James was curious about my connection with Andrew. So of course he invited me to breakfast with out telling me his plans to invite Andrew as-well. We had sat around the table but there was no light chit chat as normal. Then with out letting Andrew have time to eat. He said "So Andrew, it was very short notice coming here, don't you think?" Andrew glanced up at him "Em, yes," Then like a perfect gentleman he thanked them for there accommodation, "This looks delicious and I highly rate your décor. The art work is fantastic," He was seemingly shy but he didn't hide the enthusiasm in his voice, "Oh, Thank you, The cook here is amazing, A part of the family, so I see  you have an eye for beauty then,", Lil's smiled polity "Well Yes-" Andrew started happily.

"Yes, yes but did you feel like you had to come here, did your instincts-" James shut up as quick as he had interrupted because of the evils Anna-bell had given him. He cleared his throat, "Yes, em, you were saying,"Andrew grinned for the first time at the two love birds. It was like the sun breaking through on a rainy day. I sighed involuntarily and every one turned to look at me, "Em, please excuse me..." I left the dinner table, no idea where I was going. The water fountain seemed like a good idea, so I sat there playing with my thoughts trying to let them go as fast as they wanted, wanting them to get mixed up. Usually I put them into boxes, So I could figure out the conclusion- but I knew I wouldn't like it...

I loved Andrew and Anna-bells relationship. James was a social man but contained no subtlety. With a broad chest and proud features that set his deep brown eyes off perfectly. Anna bell was tiny with hip length red hair and a fiery but fair personality to match. She was caring and so was he but, but she owned somewhat more tact. She stood for what she believed in and was completely girlish. She loved dresses party's and formal dinners. He liked sports and party's as well. A typical male and female relationship, which although I admired... I'd never wanted one my self.

All my friends were so different. James, the life of the party. Wise beyond his years. Anna-bell, small, girlish and fiery. Leona, good spirited, loyal, tall and shy with blondish long hair and blue eyes. Harry, cheeky, dirty, funny, likeable and golden eyed. And me,  wild, outrageous, deadly and the belle of the ball, but also good humoured, quiet, unprotected, nice, loyal and shy. Two parts at me that didn't fit. But my friends still accepted both sides of me. Even if I have been off the rails. It was easier to let fire consume me, to smother me, but I hadn't even thought of fire recently, of power or lust. I knew the last one was a lye but I over looked it... Had the pheonix really left me? i knew gfor a fact I still had super human speed. I had run from the breakfast table at the speed or light... Maybe I sould have kept running. But again my instincts told me to stay. There was darkness here. Wait. Where had that come from?

When I came back, Anna-bell and Andrew were engaged in a lively conversation with, sweet, polite, quiet Andrew. "Nina! We were just discussing Andrews home. Apparently he's a talented horse rider before, you must race him!" I brushed of the comment and  began talking to James, who was leaning back in his chair smoking leisurely enjoying his break from the conversation... That must means he's already quizzed Andrew... "When were you going to tell me about the ball," I demanded. "Just now," He smiled quickly. "Why are you so angry, you love balls, so does Andrew," Anna-bell gushed, "You two have so much in common!" she sounded as though she was trying to pair us up, but what she did'nt seem to understand, is this, I had a vision about him. So basically it is my job to keep him safe. You don't mix romance with jobs. and my feelings for him... scared me. 

"I do, But I have no gown, no shoes-" Anna-bell silenced me, "Go to your room, honey, it's picked out already," Anna-bell jumped up giggling, "Oh, who am I fooling, I want to see your reaction." She was smiling madly and basically shoving me out the room. "OK, Bye-" I managed to say quickly. I worried about leaving James and Andrew together. I hoped James would magically acquire tact. No such luck, I thought. We fell into my room in a heap and I stopped to admire the grand high ceiling and wide window that stared out into the vast fields. I had always loved this room and it was always reserved for me. It was small in size but I loved the view.

"Sop stalling!" she ran, or more skipped, to my wardrobe and opened its fine Edwardian front. "TADA!" The dress that hung from the wardrobe was gorgeous. It was a crimson red, like fire, I noted. It had a beautiful bodice that laced up at the back and twisted around like a rose on one of my hips. The skirts material fell from this rose rapping round the steel under coat that gave it it's wide shape. It looked like a massive upturned rose, in full bloom and left most of my black skin bare.

"I-" I started, "Don't say a word, until I've finished!" Anna-bell commanded. "But its not until six, thirty!" I moaned childishly. "I know that" she smiled. After I had been bathed in rose scented oil, complete with rose candles. My hair was dried, brushed, pulled, burned and curled until it was lifted off my face on to the top of my head with a silver clasp, studded with ruby's. But most of my hair was still loose around my shoulders and fell in a masquerade of curls, "now for your face, dress and scent!" she smiled and I groaned, inwardly and outwardly. A few hours later I had been fully prepared, pampered, dressed and after a final dousing of pink rose water perfume I as ready. "What are you wearing?" I asked tentatively. She looked tired out after finishing me off and something about her wasn't quite right... "Light green, like autumn leaves," She smiled dreamily, "To match your eyes," I replied. 

Even through all the banter, she was like a sister to me. I loved her but after that night, and that vision. I was so scared, of life and how short it was. Which is why I needed Andrew. She left to prepare herself and with 2 hours left till the ball, I excpected Leona was getting ready too. With no where else to go, I decided to visit her. I knocked quietly on the door, "Hello!" She greeted me warmly, wrapping her arms around me. "Hi!" I took in her dress.It was a pale crystal blue,like water and it flowed from her bodice in straight diagonal lines. The skirt was scattered with diamonds at the bottom and it was perfect. But she nibbled her lips nervously and turned in front of the mirror. "I think I might go down the stables..." she mumbeled "No, you'll ruin your dress!" I argued "But Harry's already going with Harriet and..." she stopped herself...

Wait! Harry?She liked Harry... A lot seems to have changed since I was here last... but it all made sense. Both horse riders, both good willed. and they balanced each other out, fire and air. Giving each other life but never destroying each other. I thought about it. Harry and Leona? "He wont be able to take his eyes of you," I grinned definatly. Harriet would never compete.

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