1. Why?

Why is a question I want to ask,

Why be mean and cruel?

It really has no point,

Did your mother ever tell you that rule?


Just because they’re different,

Doesn’t mean you have the right,

To make their lives a misery,

To haunt them in the night.


Just because they’re ginger,

You think they are such a freak,

You think their arms are like jelly,

That they are so weak.


Yet one day that boy will travel,

All the way to mars,

Yet now it’s too late to take back,

All those ha ha ha’s.


I want to know why,

You give people the frights,

That they are not good enough,

That they don’t have rights.


Now many look back,

To their days of blazer and tie,

And they ask them selves,



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