angel beside me

a epic romance/fantasy about a dark angel slayer


2. that is a secret i can never tell

The light was getting closer and closer, the smell of Flopsey was making my heart melt... it was an angel... would it be her....? "Is that you Mum?" I called out into the light, "Yes Bell, it is, you have become a beautiful woman." I stared crying... Is this a dream? I thought.No Bell, do you want to come with me to heaven? Where we can be together?" She whispered. Yes... yes I do!! I need to jump.." I stuttered "NO... Don't do that.. when you can easily give me your soul... DUCK , look out!!" As I looked back mum wasn't there and a huge ugly scary monster stood, towering above me. It had long fingers with sharp fingernails The boy who told me to look out, opened a ring and a big lightening bolt went straight into the monsters heart and thankfully... the monster turned into smoke. The boy started walking towards me and he flew down to my level to greet me. I kindly said,"Thank you... but who are you exactly?" The boy replied, "That is a secret I can never tell."


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