angel beside me

a epic romance/fantasy about a dark angel slayer


1. last breath


Its time, as I walked up the Church Stairwell my heart was pumping , the time has come, am I  going to take my own life away becouse of them bullies, what life do I have, a life in a  care home becouse  I was i taken away from my familly  I was three years old, my Mum was killed by my Dad and I watched him  whilst he was beating her with a base ball bat, that's the only thing I can remember untill I was about seven. The last thing my Mum  said to me  was hope, what a load of shite, I had  hoped that the bullies would stop beating me but they did not stop so I have made my mind up, I am going to commit sucide, i am going to jump off my church tower it was my favorite place to sit when I was a kid you can see the whole city I used to dream that I was angel  and I would fly above the city of dreams again. what a load of crap, ok its time to do  this then, as I was taking my last steps drips of tears we falling down my face they was tears of guilt as I looked  down all I could see was a cold grey floor, but  soon it will be red, it will only take two seconds, I took my last breath,  and out the  corner of my eye was a bright light in the muskey sky coming forward, it was like it was coming to me it had a simiular smell like Flopsey the rabbit what my had gave me

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