I would die for him,I would happily take my life for him,if it stopped him being killed.
Unfortunatly I didn't have to,I had to keep a secert that could kill me.
I knew the risks but trying NOT to die and save a vampire is pretty hard to do.So I try to avoid the saving the fuckin' vampire job.
I have the worst bloody life ever.Born into a family that so happened to owe a lot of blood to a rather hungry vamp clan,they died and now I live under the wing {Or is it fang?} of the kindest vampire ever {even though he can be very annoying.}
Rune Charlsworth is my hero{or is he da bad guy 'coz he's a vamp?}anyway he saved me and what do I get after helping him for 13 fuckin' bloody years?????


6. Modern day

So here I am,alone in the big city,the big apple.Thats right,I'm in New York,I'm still a vampire.Rune got staked long ago,I'm the only vampire left in the whole world,even now I still live in fear that I'll lose control.


I saw I guy I thought I knew,I thought it was my old friend,Samual but he died a long time ago...


I've got to end it,it ends today.


Violet,put down her pen and took off her ring.Her child,Opal cried "Mummy what are you doing?" Violet became part of the wind,just like her sisters had become an element.Violet was the wind,she whispered to her crying daughter:


Please look after that book,read it if you must.Tell everyone that Violet the girl of death,is finaly well and truly dead.....

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