I would die for him,I would happily take my life for him,if it stopped him being killed.
Unfortunatly I didn't have to,I had to keep a secert that could kill me.
I knew the risks but trying NOT to die and save a vampire is pretty hard to do.So I try to avoid the saving the fuckin' vampire job.
I have the worst bloody life ever.Born into a family that so happened to owe a lot of blood to a rather hungry vamp clan,they died and now I live under the wing {Or is it fang?} of the kindest vampire ever {even though he can be very annoying.}
Rune Charlsworth is my hero{or is he da bad guy 'coz he's a vamp?}anyway he saved me and what do I get after helping him for 13 fuckin' bloody years?????


5. Midnight returing

I gasped as my body woke up with fire,my gums and jaw felt horrible.Not to mention it felt like I was completly dry on the inside.I saw my sisters,Emerald,Ruby and Saphire,I bolted up.


I'd been turned into a vampire,I'd completed the transition.SHIT!!!I knew what was happening,when I stared into the the red liquid infront of me.....

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