My Story

My name is Savannah, and this is the story of how I was found, adopted and still alive today.


1. How I was found.

Crunch. The leaf crackled under my boot as I stood on it. Crunch. Another leaf I just stood on. Several more crunches from the brown and red leaves littered on the forest floor echoed eerily in the forest. Large trees surrounded me, their thick branches hovering over me, making creepy shadows in the tiny amount of light the trees had let in. Nobody else was around. It was just me. All alone. Suddenly, I heard a twig snap in half as a very heavy foot stepped on it. There was someone else in this now not so desolated forest. For a moment I just stood there, frozen. I didn't know whether to run or stay put, waiting for this creature to find me. Eventually, deciding to run, my freakishly small feet in my little black leather boots moved so fast they blurred. After what seemed like hours of jumping over twigs, leaves and a few baby animals (which were adorable) , I tripped over a small rock consequently falling flat on my face. A tall dark figure was approaching me, strolling towards me too fast, fast enough not to be called strolling, anyway. There was no time to get up and run. Staying on the leaves where I was was all I could do. Trying to avoid a painful death, I curled up on the ground with my eyes closed, waiting for everything to be over, waiting to finally see what heaven looked like. Warmth shot through my body as I was picked up by the stranger. I could tell we were moving but I was too scared to open my eyes. We came to an abrupt stop as the sound of a key jingling and a very creaky door opening. My body was placed on a soft, springy surface, then I heard voices.
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