Jess Not Carrie

Jessica Evans has an image of what she wants her life to be like- normal, fun, interesting, funny. She wants to be cool girl Jess with an epic social life. Unfortunately for her, what she DOES have is an embarassing family, a mahooosive crush on her best friend's brother, a dog that thinks its a cat, and the nickname of Carrie The Carrot (for having long ginger hair).
Ah,well. That doesn't mean her life is boring:)x

This is my first Movella so I would really appreciate some feedback.
Hope you like this!x


6. The Brother Of An Idiot

Thursday 16th September

There was a new girl at school today. She is small, dark-skinned and has big bambi-eyes that I was jelous of. Her name is Isobel Gibbons and she lives just down the road from Holly on Cherry Tree Avenue, where all the posh houses with the massive gardens are. She looked sort of lonely at lunch so me, Katie and Holly sat with her then and in lessons and afterschool she invited us back to her house. It was amazing. Nobody was in the house and it looked massive and mansion-like. I haven't ever been inside a house on Cherry Tree Avenue, but Holly said she had a pretty good view of the street from her bedroom window at the back of her house. There was a bit of a depressing and awkward moment when Holly pointed at a picture on the wall and said, "Is that your Dad?"

It was, only he had died a few months ago and that was why Isobel was here. Then she started sobbing. None of us spoke for a minute, totally shocked, and then we all crowded in for a group hug. When we tried to break free, Isobel had stopped crying, but I had managed to trip over Katie's foot and face plant the arm chair. That got us all laughing. Then Katie started fiddling with the music player, and then she turned up the radio really loud. I don't know who's bright idea it was to start a conga line leading out of the house and into the garden.

I have an awful feeling that it was mine.

Anyway, we were in the garden, and Rihanna on the radio was on full blast, you could even hear it from the garden through the open door. We started doing mad dancing. It was weird, how we had gone from Isobel crying over the death of her dad, barely ten minutes before, to trying our hardest to cheer her up with crazy dancing. When the song changed to Kelly Clarkson 'Stronger' I did my famous Kelly Clarkson impression and everyone started laughing. Especially Isobel, who stumbled backwards trying to stop laughing and sat in the bird bath. For one second  all just looked at her as she clambered out, her school trousers soaked with bird water and dripping on to the grass,and made her look like she had wet herself. The next moment we were all laughing so hard we were on the floor.

THen an awful awful thing happened. We had forgotten about the neighbours. Neighbours that can see into Isobel's garden. Neighbours that heard the racket and watched us. Isobel had not told us about her neighbours. Who happened to be the Tambridges. There was next to no luck in this situation.

Jake leaned out the window. He had a few boys with him I noticed. I counted four, but there were other shaddows behind them. Crikey.

THen he shouted, "No no don't stop for me girls! We were enjoying the dancing!" Then he smirked at Isobel and said,"Great reer view too!"

I hated him I hated him I hated him.

"I'm Jake!" he shouted to her. "I'm your new neighbour!"

"I noticed!" Isobel shouted back darkly.

"Before or after you fell in the bird bath?"he asked innocently. She blushed.

"Go away!"Katie shouted. Jake peered over to look at her, then said gleefully over his shoulder, "Hey, Matt, it's your sister!"

I was thinking, Is Matt Here?!! Did he SEE me doing maniac hysteric laughing???!!! Yes was the answer to that question. They all had, according to Jake and Matt, watched us for a full 10 minutes. I was so embarassed but tried to act like I wasn't. 'They' was Jake, Matt, Tallia, her friend Molly Smith, Arjun and Tom from St. Pattys who I had seen on Tuesday, and Jake's twin brother Luke.

Luke, I soon found out, was so cool. He was gorgeous. He was smart. He was funny. He was kind. I couldn't believe he was a Tambridge, let alone Matt's twin, because he was so nice.

He looked a lot like Jake, I suppose, only more enhanced features, and taller.Taller even than me, which was a relief.  Unruly, tousled, blond-brown curls, big brown eyes framed with long lashes, perfect face, and fit body, as far as I could guess. He looked like he did a lot of sport, and when he left it was for rugby training.

They all came outside too, and came through into Isobel's garden through a gap in the fence. Tallia and Molly were looking at us coldly. They don't mind Katie, because she's the most popular out of our little group, but they think me and Holly are weird and nerdy, and they didn't even know Isobel really. Isobel, to give her credit, realised immediately that the people in her garden were all confident and popular, and that this would be good opportunity to make friends. SHe did quite well, filling in the conversations so there were next to nil awkward moments. Katie and I started to talk to Arjun from St.Patty's, until Matt came over. I could feel him looking at us for a while. I tried desperately to look anywhere but at him. I could remember the conversation from yesterday, when i went to put my chewy in the bin, and thinking of it made me blush. Matt opened his mouth to talk when suddenly somebody bumped into me from behind. I turned around and saw it was Luke. I was glad for a reason not to have to look at Matt, and talking to Luke was quite cool. He told me about how he got a scholarship into Ribworth Academy, and what it was like there. It's a boarding school for the brainy in the next village on from here, in Wrilby, but he only goes for the day. I told him about my school and all its crappiness, and about how my dog thought she was a cat and how my parents want to own a nightclub (mid-life crisis). In return he told me about how his parents took him and Jake to a football match and how he spilt a Slush Puppy all over the row infront, who raged.

He was explaining the offside rule when Matt, Jake, Tom and Tallia came over. I felt a bit like I was being cornered, or pounced on, or was about to get told off.

"Aren't you bored of Carrie by now,Luke?" Jake asked sneerily.

"Her name's Jess." Luke replied coolly. Then Jake had to explain the joke. I forced a grin, whilst Tallia and Jake laughed, and Tom and Matt chuckled awkwardly. I wasn't offended by any of it, just sort of embarassed. Well, wouldn't you be? If you hadn't been a diary?

"Ha.Your so funny Jake."said Luke sarcastically. Jake flushed and started to think of a comeback when Luke looked at his phone.

"I've got to go for training now. See you all later."

He hugged Matt and Tom bye cheesily, said bye to Arjun and Jake, and all the girls. He held my eyes and grinned. I felt all fluttery. Then he went off to talk to Katie, and they got their phones out. I think they were exchanging numbers. That made me feel pretty bad. I mean , we had talked the longest, but still he went to Katie? It made no sense. I thanked Isobel and said I was leaving, too, whilst Luke and Katie were bowed over their phones.

"What, already?"said Matt, looking startled. I giggled, a bit nervously because of Tallia and Molly's glares.

"Urm, yeah."

"Anyone would think you only came to see my brother." said Jake. He sounded a bit weird. ANd sad. Like he had with the whole hand thing.

"Anyone would think i came to see Isobel." I corrected him gently, although in my head i wanted to slap him in my anger. Matt had been right next to him when he said that, and he was looking at me all oddly. Everyone, pretty much was, that had heared him.

I left feeling odd, too.

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