Jess Not Carrie

Jessica Evans has an image of what she wants her life to be like- normal, fun, interesting, funny. She wants to be cool girl Jess with an epic social life. Unfortunately for her, what she DOES have is an embarassing family, a mahooosive crush on her best friend's brother, a dog that thinks its a cat, and the nickname of Carrie The Carrot (for having long ginger hair).
Ah,well. That doesn't mean her life is boring:)x

This is my first Movella so I would really appreciate some feedback.
Hope you like this!x


5. The Barking Surprise

Tuesday 14th September

I'm pleased to say that after the slightly depressing-ness of yesterday, I cheered up considerably today. It helped that Katie accidentally dropped her lockey key in the compost bin at lunch, and after school Ally brought an ice-cream and walked all the way home with a huge splodge of cream on the end of her nose, without noticing. That was sort of funny.

Also, in Netball, Tallia McKinnon tried to score two really brilliant goals, but I blocked and cleared both of them. I was sort of proud of myself for that. You know, because they were good attempts. It has nothing to do with her going out with Matt, obviously...

Anyway, Miss Rue came up to me after PE and asked me to try out for the netball team. The trials are next Tuesday and I'm quite looking forward to it.

When I got home I opened the door to a massive surprise. A dog. Just sitting in the porch obediently, watching me. It was quite unnerving, and the last thing I expected to see on a regular, Tuesday afternoon. I was still screaming as Mum came causally waltzing down the stairs, as if everything was normal. The dog was a lurcher, a girl, white with black patches, and quite cool. I thought she would make me look cool too. And if I looked cool, then maybe Matt would dump Tallia and go out with me, Jake would stop calling me Carrie The Carrot, popular girls like Rose Monset would ask me to their parties, I would magically stop falling over so much (some how),  maybe my Dad would come visit me for once too, and...

I'm just going to stop right there, and explain why that won't be happening.

Because our new dog, brought on the spur of the moment by my slightly-insane Mother who had actually intended to go out and buy pillowcases and had came back with a puppy, was crazy.

Our new dog thinks she is a cat.

Like I said, crazy.

Ah, well. She'll fit in pretty well with my family then. We're all fairly mad.

It turned rather hot and sunny after dinner, so I arranged to meet a few of the girls at Ellis Park playground, for a bit of sunbathing work. They were all really excited to see the dog too. We have named her Bella, because that was the name of the lady buying a house on Move To The Country, and we (Mum and I. mick was still at work) were lacking inspiration by that point. I wanted to look nice because lots of kids from the neighbourhood hang out at Ellis Park, so I wore my high-waisted shorts, The Vaccines vest top and a new pair of gold gladiator sandals. Then I took a few dog snacks for Bella and clipped on her lead.

I used to have a dog, back when Mum and Dad still lived together, a Labrador called Callie, so I didn't have to ask anybody to walk Bella with me.

When I reached the playground at Ellis Park, I felt eyes on my back. I turned my head to see who it was, and saw a group of boys sitting by the monkey bars. I recognised one of them as the lead singer of The B Team, and a few of his friends from St Patricks. They were grinning at me, so I smiled back. I felt sort of pleased with myself.

I spotted Ally, Aisha, Holly and Reena sitting on the swings and waved at them, when suddenly Bella stopped walking and lifted her leg up. I felt my cheeks flame up as she started weeing.

My dog was weeing in full view of a bunch of cute boys. Good grief.

I had to look away, awkwardly, as I tugged on her lead, urging Bella to hurry up, and as I did so I caught one of the boy's eyes. There were five of them, from what I could see (one had his back turned), but he was taller, with windswept fluffy brown hair in a full Justin Bieber fringe, big hazel eyes and no spots. So lucky.

He pulled an 'Eeek' face, nodding at Bella, and then grinned. I giggled and half-shrugged, then walked over to the girls when Bella had finished. I felt strange.

"Hello gorgeous!" Ally grinned at me as I plonked my bum on the swing. "Oh, your dog is sooo lovely!"

"Is it a he or a she?" asked Reena, grinning as she handed me a stick of chewy, and ruffling Bella's silky fur.

"She," I told them. "Her name is Bella."

"She's really-" Holly begun, then stopped, looking over my shoulder, her mouth an 'O' in surprise.

"What's wrong, Holly?" Aicha frowned, looking up from patting Bella and gazing in my direction.

"Ohmigosh! Incoming!" Reena shrieked, and I spun around to see Matt, the lead singer, and his friends from St Patty's, including the cute brown eyes boy. They were walking in our direction. And we were freaking out. 

"Don't panic!" Holly panicked. I smoothed my hair and passed my lipgloss around frantically.

"Right!" said Aisha loudly. "Everybody be casual. Talk about cool stuff. Like Jess's dog. Don't mention your ex, or falling into puddles. I'm looking at you Jessie, love."

I rolled my eyes at her. "Just do your 'cute smile' Aisha and shut up!"

We were all putting our 'cute smiles' practise into work as the boys came laughing past.

"Hey girls!" Matt said cheerfully to us, pausing by a swing.

"Hi." I replied coolly, and Holly smiled.

"Want some chewy?" Reena asked them casually, holding a stick each for them. Well, it would have been casual, if her voice hadn't gone so squeeky at the end.

"Cheers!" said the lead singer, walking over to collect the packets as the rest of the boys settled on the swings.

"This is Michael," Matt nodded at the lead singer, " that's Damien," he shook his head at the cute, brown eyed boy, "Liam," a freckly, sandy haired lad, "Arjun," a good-looking, small, dark haired boy, "and Tom." a sweet, grinning boy with braces and a mop of dark hair.

"Aisha, Reena, Jess and Holly!" Reena replied, slightly breathless, pointing at us each in turn.

"I know who most of you are!" Matt grinned. "What school do you go to then, Aisha?"

Aisha had flushed red and mumbled, "Ravendale."

"My cousin goes to Ravendale!" Liam exclaimed.

"So does mine!" Reena laughed. And then she, Aisha, Liam and Arjun broke off into conversation about Ravendale.

I could feel Damien's eyes on me, so I tossed my hair and smiled dazzlingly.

"Where's Katie, Matt?" I asked him calmly. "I called for her but she wasn't in." I knew that she had dance classes on Tuesday evenings, but I wanted something to talk about.

"Dance," Matt replied, flashing me a grin. "Are you alright after yesterday?"

I blushed beetroot and saw that Damien had cracked a grin.

"What happened yesterday?" he asked, smiling cutely.

"She fell over," Holly giggled. "Twice."

Then she stroked Bella as the same times as Damien reached down to do the same.

"Unlucky!" Damien laughed, and he grinned up at me. I felt really tingly and strange, but hid the feeling with a smile.

"Is this your dog?" He asked me. I nodded, beginning to relax. For the first time, ever, this conversation was going okay.

"Yeah, her name is Bella."

"I didn't know you had a dog." said Matt, surprised.

"There's a lot you don't know about me!" I laughed. I ducked down to stroke Bella, realising that I had sounded a bit flirty then. Holly was raising her eyebrows at me when I looked up again.

"Go on then," Matt chuckled. "What don't I know? I've known you ages."

Damien was looking at me too, and so was Holly, so I reddened a bit and thought of something to say.

"Well, I can't dance. And I can play the guitar and the piano. When I was seven, I got a certificate from my football club for scoring the most goals in the season, but I accidentally dropped it in my fish tank-"

They laughed, and i swung a bit, relieved.

"I knew that! Tell me something knewww!" Holly chirped.

"She wants your life story." Damien laughed. I struggled to think of something new and not embarassing. Unlikely.

"Urm, my hamster escaped from its cage once and I found it the next day eating Maryland Cookies under the bed in the spare room. When I went on the Year Seven trip to Paris, me and Katie hid some French cheese in Reena's bed so she woke up all smelly. That was funny. Remember, Holly?.. Yeah, what else? Oh, yeah. I was going to have a baby sister when I was nine, but my Mum had a miscarriage. That's when my dad-.."

I broke off. I didn't want to go all sentimental, but everyone had stopped chuckling and were looking at me, a bit concerned.

"You alright, babe?" Matt asked me softly, coming over and putting an arm over my shoulder. I nodded, stroking Bella, and leaned into his arm. It felt, sort of, safe. Nice. Holly flashed me a look again, so i got up off my chair, and walked over to put my chewy in the bin.

"Hey, you sure you are okay?"  Matt checked from behind me. I nodded. I was. I wish the fuss would stop.

"Yeah. Thanks for asking though. Your the best. Really."

The silence after I said that was a bit awkward. He cleared his throat.

"Urm, Jess, your really nice, but.." "What?" I asked him, flushing a bit. "But what? What did I do?"

"Nothing," he replied, clearing his throat again. "Nothing, your fine."

I walked back to the others. I tried to look sassy and cool. You know, so he would see what he was missing out on.

It would have helped if I had not tripped over two park benches and a small child on my way back. Dammit.

So, in a way, today was a bit weird. But it was also really cool.



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