Jess Not Carrie

Jessica Evans has an image of what she wants her life to be like- normal, fun, interesting, funny. She wants to be cool girl Jess with an epic social life. Unfortunately for her, what she DOES have is an embarassing family, a mahooosive crush on her best friend's brother, a dog that thinks its a cat, and the nickname of Carrie The Carrot (for having long ginger hair).
Ah,well. That doesn't mean her life is boring:)x

This is my first Movella so I would really appreciate some feedback.
Hope you like this!x


4. Soaked to the skin


Luck. What a stupid word. It doesn't exist, at least not for me.

Katie and I started our walk to school with Matt and Jacob. My heart was beating so quickly in my chest it was insane. I had scrubbed up quite well in katie's bedroom, and I even thought, that for once, I might actually look alright for today...Wrong.

Around half way down Katie's street there was a massive muddy puddle. It was quite large, and deep, and there were random twigs sticking out of it. There had been a bit of a flood right at the start of September, and now this was all that remained. I had managed to avoid it on the way to Katie's, but on the way to school I hadn't been so lucky.

Jake had tripped over a stick as we edged around the puddle, and had accidentally fallen into me. Maybe if I hadn't been the closest to that stinkin' puddle, or maybe if I didn't fall over that easily, then the day would have turned out differantly, but no.

I fell in, knees first, then wobbled and fell on my front.

My school trousers were ripped and sodden, and my jumper, shirt and shoes were drenched. My bag had been flung aside, my head and hair had escaped the puddle, which I was a bit relieved about.

Katie and Jake just had to take one look at me before they started laughing like loons, but Matt just supressed a smile and held his hand out to me to pull me up. I took it greatfully, but touching his hand felt like an electric shock.

"Are you alright?"he asked, concerned. I nodded, a bit shakily, because this was my second fall of the day, and then headed back to Katie's, to borrow some of her school uniform. I think I heard something fall out of my bag, but I couldn't be bothered to check as I trooped back down the street.

The boys went on to school without us, and me and Katie rushed around her house like loons, trying to get ready again and make it back to school in time.

We were pretty late getting to school, and I was rooting around my bag, about to turn my phone on silent. Except my phone wasn't there. What fresh hell?

"Katie!"I panicked. "My phone's not in my bag!"

"Don't worry!" she soothed. "Re-trace your steps. If its not on the floor, you might have left it at mine. We can call Dad at lunch to see if it's there, okay? I will just go say that we are both here, and explain why we are late. Back in a minute."

I began to run back down the corridor, wondering if I had dropped my phone on the next corridor, when I ran slap bang into Jake Tambridge. I immediately threw my hands forward to protect myself and screwed my eyes shut, expecting another fall. As I squinted, I could see Jake looking at me weirdly. What happened next was, urm, strange. .

I went to drop my hands to my sides, but he caught one of them and hung on to it. I tried to tug it away, but he gripped it tightly. He was holding my hand. I didn't know what to think, or do, until he tossed my hand over and started examining the scratched and cuts. My hands were redder than my face, after all.

"Does it hurt, Jess?"he asked me gently.

Hold on there a second, I was thinking. Was that ACTUALLY a caring question and the use of my real name? I was so confused. It was also pretty awkward, him holding my hand. I wished he would let go.

"No," I said quickly. "It's fine. But you owe me!" I managed to pull my hand away and start walking away, when I heard him call something.

"You forgot something!" he shouted after me. I turned back around and saw, stunned, that he had my phone. No. Freaking. Way.

"Did you steal my phone?!" I hissed, marching up to him angrily. He put his hands up in surrender. I grabbed my phone back and started to see if anything had changed, or if he had been on my Facebook.

"I didn't do anything, I swear, I just found-"

"If you've done anything, I will quite literally kill you."

His face started to flush.

"Hey, I haven't done anything wrong! I just found your frickin phone on Matt's street alright?! God, seriously. And you wouldn't kill me, Carrie the carrot, you'd probably trip over your own feet first or something." And he marched away, irritated. I watched him go, stung.

Not feeling how that could lead to luck? Well, by the time I got back to the classroom, i was so late, that if anyone came to talk to me, it wasn't about my parents 'raving' at The b Team gig, it was about why I hadn't been on time.

It was a bit awkward going back into the form room, but Jake was sniggering with a load of his friends and Katie was talking to our teacher. Aisha Monfarret came up to me with wide eyes.

"Did you hear Jess?"she asked. "About Katie Griffin's brother, Matt?"

"What about him?" I frowned.

"He's going out with Tallia McKinnon. Asked her out this morning. She's talking to Jake Tambridge over there. Look."

I didn't look. I felt weak from those words. That sounds crazy, because I've never really said anything about me and Matt, and how we get on. I had always liked Matt as a friend since I was a little kid, but we hadn't ever been really close, but we always had time  for short conversations or jokes. He had always picked me to be on his football team when I was small and into sports, and was really funny and kind to me. Then last year, almost overnight, he had gone from a tall, smiley kid, to nothing short of gorgeous.

All I knew, as I stumbled across the classroom and tripped over someone's chair leg, was that Tallia McKinnon was one lucky girl, unlike me. I don't know why, but it made me think. Maybe I should just get over him already. Gee, it wasn't exactly a cheerful day.

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