Jess Not Carrie

Jessica Evans has an image of what she wants her life to be like- normal, fun, interesting, funny. She wants to be cool girl Jess with an epic social life. Unfortunately for her, what she DOES have is an embarassing family, a mahooosive crush on her best friend's brother, a dog that thinks its a cat, and the nickname of Carrie The Carrot (for having long ginger hair).
Ah,well. That doesn't mean her life is boring:)x

This is my first Movella so I would really appreciate some feedback.
Hope you like this!x


1. Parents should not rave. Ever.

Sunday 12th September

"Hey Jess,"Mum says, popping her head around the door to the lounge.

"Don't do that Mum," I tell her, looking up from the laptop. "What if your head gets glued to the door or something-then what? I'd have to phone an ambulance or something and then what would I say? 'Oh, sorry, but my Mum's head is wedged between a door and a wall.'"

Mum just looks at me.

"Anyway," she begins loudly. "Mick and I are just going raving as you groovy youngsters say-"

Oh lordy.

"Your going where???!!!"

"A club," Mum replies, putting her jacket on. "Raving."

"No no no no no no nooooooooo!!"

"Yeah, actually, I suppose it is nice weather, we could just go to the bandstand. I heard some lads called The B Team are playing there tonight- what d'you think, Mick?"Mum calls up to her boyfriend."D'you want to go to the bandstand, instead?!"

That's funny. I'd swear that my friend Katie told me her brother Matt's new band would be playing at the bandstand tonight- I think she even asked me to come along...what was the band's name again????


"MUM!" I shout. "Don't go to the bandstand, go to the club, like you planned. Please. t'll be nicer there, and I bet the weather won't last, and..erm-"

Mum looks at me strangely as Mick shouts back from the upstairs loo in reply, "Yeah, the bandstand would be great tonight, Liz! I think we're getting too old for that club."

"I could've told you that," I murmur. "Your very almost fifty."

I try pleading a bit with Mum but she shakes her head.

"Shh, Jess, please, I'm trying to talk to Mick. Fine," she agrees, as he comes down the stairs. "The Bandstand it is. Ellis Park should be really nice and warm too. It's decided." She straps on her heels, sitting down on the sofa, and adds. "Be in bed by ten, please, Jess darling. It's an early start for school for you tomorrow, We'll be back beofre midnight. Probably. There's some pasta salad left over from dinner in the fridge if your still hungry and don't answer the door to anyone. Alrighty?"Mum asks, coming over and patting me on the head. I bat her off, but nod. "Your a good girl, Jessie, love. We'll be back in a bit. Love you, bye."

And she kisses my forhead, calls for Mick, and then the two of them clatter outside.

Their gone.

To the bandstand.

To dance to The B Team.

Who's drummer happens to be my best friend Katie's gorgeous brother. Holy moly....

I may as well just curl up and die of embarassment tomorrow morning at school, if anyone recognises my Mum and Mick.

Maybe I'll hide in the loos all day?

Who knows? Take each day as it comes. I always do.

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