Jess Not Carrie

Jessica Evans has an image of what she wants her life to be like- normal, fun, interesting, funny. She wants to be cool girl Jess with an epic social life. Unfortunately for her, what she DOES have is an embarassing family, a mahooosive crush on her best friend's brother, a dog that thinks its a cat, and the nickname of Carrie The Carrot (for having long ginger hair).
Ah,well. That doesn't mean her life is boring:)x

This is my first Movella so I would really appreciate some feedback.
Hope you like this!x


8. One More Step And I'll Be In Narnia

Saturday 18th September

For that whole day, Molly and Tallia were giving me sly grins and evil glares. It was quite uncomfortable actually, I couldn't really concentrate on anything and I kept zoning out, just thinking of what they could have told Matt, Luke and the other boys.

When I got home, I ran straight for my room and hurtled myself at my bed. I buried my face into my pillow and screamed out in anger, frustration and most of all: Embarrassment.

How could Tallia and Molly do this to me?! I mean, yeah I get that they hate me-wait no, hate's a strong word. They, dislike me and I get that, but why would they tell them all of my stupid stories? This is something I have to look into...


So now, here I am. The day after the terrible twosome totally embarrassed me. Writing in you. My Diary. I really need to give you a name, but shall you be a girl or a boy? Hmmm...girl. Girls are easier to talk to when you're in my situation. No i'm not being sexist, it's just...the truth. Now back to about...Maria! Yes, that has a nice ring to it; Maria the Diary!

Ok, now i'm just going off subject. Or, 'going into dreamland' as Katie would call it.

*Sigh* I'm just glad it's the weekend!


"Jess darling! Dinner's ready!" Mum called up the stairs.

"Yeah ok, i'm coming!" I called back, shutting my diary and exiting my room.

I entered the kitchen and a strong, familiar scent wafted up my nose, signalling my brain that tonight we were having curry.

"Are you alright Jess? You look a little peaky." Mick asked as he took a sip of the orange juice mum had made.

I just nodded in response and started stuffing the yummy orange stuff and rice into the hole in my face that most people call a mouth. I don't like to talk when I eat, especially when i'm in this sort of mood.


About 10 minutes passed and my plate was completely clean. And by clean, I mean there was literally nothing left on my plate. No stray bits of rice, no orange stains. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Ok you get the idea.


Once dinner was done, I excused myself from the table and ran back upstairs to the solitude of my room. It's times like these that being an only child and having your own room have it's perks.

I flopped down into my bed, the springs creaking at the sudden pressure. Geez, i'm not that heavy am I? No, it must be the curry. I turned my head to look at my alarm clock sitting on my bedside table.


You know what? I don't even care if it's early, or the fact that it's the weekend. I'm shattered and I have nothing better to do with my time right now. So guess what? I'm going to go to bed. To be honest, I could use an early night, I hardly got any sleep last night because of all the worry of what the terrible twosome could have told the boys about me.


Nobody really knows about how much I worry. I hide it because if I start worrying, everyone else will start worrying what i'm worrying about. Then we'll all be worrying! Gosh, i'm such a worry wart. In fact, i'm so far back in the closet of hiding my worrying that one more step, and i'll be in Narnia.

Speaking of closets, I got up from my bed, made my way over to my wardrobe, pulled out a fresh set of pajamas and stripped off. I slipped them over my head, jumped into bed-hey that rhymed!-and closed my eyes to get some sleep...

Until I noticed that I left the light on.


I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and my way. Mum burst through the door. "What?! What is it Jess?"

"Can you turn the light off please?" 

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