Jess Not Carrie

Jessica Evans has an image of what she wants her life to be like- normal, fun, interesting, funny. She wants to be cool girl Jess with an epic social life. Unfortunately for her, what she DOES have is an embarassing family, a mahooosive crush on her best friend's brother, a dog that thinks its a cat, and the nickname of Carrie The Carrot (for having long ginger hair).
Ah,well. That doesn't mean her life is boring:)x

This is my first Movella so I would really appreciate some feedback.
Hope you like this!x


3. Looking like a loon, feeling like a loon.

He winks jokily when he sees me,and goes "Alright,mate?!" to Matt. Then he grins at me and says, "Hey, look, it's Carrie!!!!"

I hate him.

Matt looks puzzled. "Um,no.That's Jess. Your in the same class. You have been for ages."

Jake sniggers. "Nah,that's not Jess-that's Carrie The Carrot Hair."

Matt snorts. "Carrie the-.. Oh Jake, your such a twat."

Jake shrugs and looks at me. Then he smirks and says,"Nice hair." as the door opens and Katie squints at us all from the doorstep.

"What are you all doing out-OHMIGOD Jess your HAIR!!!!! It's mental!"

Oh,well,thanks, best mate. I glare at her as the boys chuckle, and hobble off indoors and up to Katie's room. I know the Griffins house as well as my own, because Katie's been my best friend for eight years, ever since the start of primary school. I DO look like a loonatic though, with my red hair tangled and bushy from the wind, a face redder than a beetroot and eyes ringed black with mascara and smudged eyeliner.

ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod. There aren't enough words to describe how hideous I look.

"Oooh! By the way," Katie giggles, after shaking her head over my appearance and handing over the make-up remover and a comb. She pulls out her iPhone and shoves it in my face. I blink and see a picture of a group of lads, including Matt, looking fabby, with there arms around a middle aged couple that look far out of place, behind The B Team banner  hung over the stage.


Will they ever stop embarassing me?

"Why didn't you stop them?!" I squeek. Katie rolls her eyes.

"How exactly Jessie? There isn't a law against your parents going to public places-"

"Well there should be!" I snap. "Who else saw them?"

"Umm,"Katie replies, texting on her mobile, completely uninterested. "Lots of people, I think. Almost half the school turned up. You should've came! I liked the look of the lead singer, I think he's called Michael?...-"

I am quite literally speechless.

"Katie!What is the probability of my life as a cool, popular girl being over?"

"Your not cool or popular, though, Jess. But still I luuurve you!"

"Rude.I could be.Your not doing yourself any favours either. Well?!"

"I don't know!" Katie whines. "You know I hate maths!"


"Um,fine. Jess, the probability of your life being over is 99.9 percent. Good enough for you?"


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