Ghostly Revenge

I Want Revenge!!! They Killed me! They made me suffer! why you may ask? because I wasn´t good enough!! My Name is Royal Catori and I´m a Ghost...and This is my Story..


3. Chapter Two


“No freaking way I´m sitting in a red disgusting chair for fifty years till it´s my turn to go to heaven or hell” I yelled over and over again at Leo. Okay so maybe it´s not Leo´s fault that I have to wait, but give me some slack I was just murdered. I was walking back and forth, my hands running through my red brown hair. Why would god do this to me? What have I done to deserve this? I was a Nerd when I was alive, people used to bully me, I was always good to my parents. Maybe they were right maybe I wasn´t good enough for anyone not even God! “No” I mumbled to myself. Do not sink this low Catori! I shook my head fast; my blue glasses were nearly falling off. I took them off and narrowed my eyes to see that my glasses had one crack in one of its lenses. I sighed frustrated. I have had those glasses for so long, they were a present from my mom when I started high school.  I feel a lump in my throat and choked a sob “Mommy”

Never had I felt so alone. I could feel the fear and sadness crashing on me. I wanted to be home on my bed right now with one of my books and my parents on the next room laugh at something my dad had heard at work.


 “Look! I know you’re mad and you want to go home, but going all drama queen on me won´t work. So sit down read a magazine and just relax for fifty years give or take!” Leo had raised his voice now. Some of the dead people looked up from what they were doing. “I don´t want to be here! I want to go home!”Shit! Tears were falling. Leo´s facial expression didn’t change. His cold eyes were still fixed on me, but with no sympathy. “Cry me a river!” the monotone voice said. “I am going to find a way out of here” I glared at him. I stood there in front of his desk just a few feet away from the door. I took a peek at the desk. Come on! I thought to myself. You can do it. Just take the key from Mr. Stone-face and run like never before. “What if something bad happens?”   A voice back in my head said. I shook my head again and snorted. I am already dead I can´t die again! Can I?


I took a deep breath and prepared myself for my plan. I screamed. Yep that’s right I screamed like one of those crazy girls on those Justin Beaver concerts. I was running like a crazy person I was head at Leo who by the way was in complete shock, guess this doesn’t happen every day. I threw my glasses away they hit some poor kid in the head who was sitting and crying for his mommy. I hopped over the desk when I landed on it I took Leo by the collar and yelled “I will get my Revenge” I have to say some spit landed on his face. I got off ran towards the door with the silver key pressed in my hand. I put the key trough the keyhole as Leo yelled “What the Hell? She´s got the key” No shit Sherlock! I open the door and a bright light hit me.



“I wanna go home” I whispered as I ran towards the light. My eyes were closed as I counted to ten. “Welcome back everybody to another year her in Eleverteen high… hope all off you rats had a good new year”  That…that sounded like my principle… had they killed him too? I opened my eyes. I was standing on the same spot where it happened! Right behind the school building. Snow was falling guess it January, but it was Spring when I died it was just a few hours ago.  And then I saw them.


Standing there laughing like they didn’t murder me, like they didn’t take my life, like nothing had happen. I wanted revenge, and I was going to get it. Just wait and see.


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