Ghostly Revenge

I Want Revenge!!! They Killed me! They made me suffer! why you may ask? because I wasn´t good enough!! My Name is Royal Catori and I´m a Ghost...and This is my Story..


4. Chapter Three



Royal! That‘s my name...which is weird because I don‘t like monarchy. Catori is my last name. My name sounds weird! That is one of the many reasons why my life was a living hell. Being back was great, but the only problem was I couldn’t leave the school grounds.

I found out about it when school was over. I tried to follow Violet as she was going very fast trying to find the nearest exit out of school. When she exited the school building, something stopped me from following her, it was like some kind of force field “What the hell“ I said frowning. I stretched out my arm to feel the force field. It felt like a concrete wall. Panic and confusion started to spread inside of me. “No, no, no...this can not happen!“ I screamed, shaking my head. What am I going to do now? Was I literally stuck in school forever? My plan is that I am going to haunt them all, but not only in school! I am no moaning Myrtle! “Just great!“ I mumbled frustrated. Why did I waist my time reading paranormal/fantasy books if none of them are real? I looked out of the glass door to see the sun already going down as the sky slowly began to turn orange: my favorite color. Fine if I could‘t not leave school ground why not make their senior year hell while I tried to expose them. The next day I was of course the first to meat up at first period. They had math one that used to be my least favorite classes. Alexandra Hudson was sending flirty looks at Nick MucGuain who somehow had grown a couple feet and now looked like a football player. I of course were spending all the time on trying to do them physical harm or just looking at them with pure disgust. When the class was over, Alexandra, Violet, and Joshua went their separated ways. I knew of course Joshua would look for Rick, but Violet leaving Alexandra was a bit weird. She used to follow Alexandra like a puppy.

As Violet turned to the corner of the hallway I found my answer. Nate Clare had showed op for school. His light brown hair has become more darker and he could not look more beautiful. His green-blue eyes looked hypnotizing that it made my dead heart actually hurt. I was standing in the middle of the hallway right behind Violet as the other students were rushing trough us to go to there next class. Violet ran over to him as he was walking down the hallway like the most beautiful person who could ever walk on these stone floors. “Hey beautiful boyfriend! Did you miss me?“ He didn‘t have time to answer as she had forced her lips on to his. I stood there with my poker face on showing no emotions as they were literally french kissing right in front of some teachers. Wasn’t someone brave enough to tell them that this was not appropriate?


Rage was rushing trough my whole body. Wasn’t it enough that I was dead, did she also have to take the only boy who was ever nice to me. I began to feel a lump in my throat, even though I tried to swallow, it didn‘t exactly help. “Oh young love! How depressing!“ a monotone voice right behind me said. I stiffened and slowly turned around to look at him. “You and I need to talk mir amor“



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