Ghostly Revenge

I Want Revenge!!! They Killed me! They made me suffer! why you may ask? because I wasn´t good enough!! My Name is Royal Catori and I´m a Ghost...and This is my Story..


2. Chapter One



I have to admit it! I was afraid. I have read a lot about dying in many of my paranormal/Fantasy see I have a lot of spar time so I read a lot and sometimes I used to write my own stories. When I used to be alive I wanted to be a writer. But that will never happen because of them...

I was afraid. One minute I was there at some party at the school talking to the new girl who had just started Eleverteen high yesterday. She was a junior just like me. I don´t really know why I talked to her. I think it is because I had been alone for so long that I needed a friend, and she was nice. She smiled at me when she entered the class for the first time. I wish I didn’t smile back, because who would have known that returning that smile would lead to a death specifically... my death, who would have known that just being a little social would lead to more suffering more than before. So here I am! Royal Catori... Sixteen years old and dead.


When you die you don´t remember how! But when you arrive at the “Waiting room” also known as Limbo you get all your memories back. As soon as I stepped into the “Waiting room” all the memories came flying... I was in shock. It wasn´t just the memories... what I was feeling at that moment when my soul was forced out of my body. Fear, embarrassment, sick and most of all pure rage... How can they do this to me? What have I ever done to them? Just because I wasn´t good enough, just because I wasn´t popular I wasn´t tolerated.


So here I am sitting in the “Waiting room” a grimace on my face, pure rage bubbling inside of me. I wasn´t alone in this” Waiting room” a bunch of  other dead people were sitting all around me, some were talking like they have been waiting  in this room for hours and some just like me felt clearly  uncomfortable. All of us sat in red plastic chairs, the room was painted light grey, and there was no windows just one big tree door. In the middle of the room sat a guy in his mid twenties behind a desk with a lot of maps and papers. He looked good, but not good enough for me to get over my death and stop cursing like a sailor in one of his bad days.

  “Royal Catori!”   I looked up as my name was called. It was the guy behind the desk. His black eyes were fixed on me! It made my flinch. It made me forget everything for a moment. I slowly stood up from the red plastic chair. I mentally slapped myself and told myself to get it together.  No way would I show my weakness right now in this situation. I raised my chin high and made a glare that would make President Snow himself flinch (Hunger games<3) “Yes” Something flashed through his eyes “It seems that your case is a bit troubling for my boss so I have so say that it may take a while when you can go through that door” he had an Spanish accent which suited him. He nodded at the big tree door. I was still glaring at him; I looked at his name-take and said “How long do I have to wait Leo?” That´s right Catori! Show no fear...”fifty years!” WHAT THE F**********k             




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