Ghostly Revenge

I Want Revenge!!! They Killed me! They made me suffer! why you may ask? because I wasn´t good enough!! My Name is Royal Catori and I´m a Ghost...and This is my Story..


5. Chapter Four




‘‘Do I look fat in this?‘‘ Yes! Yes of course you do! I thought as Violet turned around in circles while looking at her self in the mirror at the girls bathroom. Tessa and Alexandra gave each other looks before they answered ‘‘of course not you look thinner then that Olsen twin!‘‘ Alexandra nodded while she was texting on her mobil. Okay so I hadn’t come up with a plan yet. It takes time if you know what I mean. I am new at this! being a ghost.

While they where having classes I was trying to move things like chairs and scissors, something that could at least hit them in the head or eye... but no…I have no powers, so much for being a powerful ghost eh! I think I might be more harmless then Casper the friendly ghost. How embarrassing!

Why am I so useless? Wasn’t I useless enough when I was was alive!? I could feel the lump in my throat return. “arrhg Control yourself Royal!“ I said as I mentally slapped myself. This was not the time for self-loathing. I had to find out what really happen that night if not…lets just say bad things will happen to me and I wont be so happy about it.




Oh young love! How depressing!“ a monotone voice right behind me said. I stiffened and slowly turned around to look at him “You and I need to talk mir amor!“ Leo said. Even tough he was smirking his eyes did not show any emotions nether did his voice. “What do you want from me?“ I stammered. Was he going to take me back to that horrible place? “ You do not belong her!“ He simply said while shrugging his shoulders. How dare he say I don’t belong here. “I grew up in this place..heck I was born in a coffee shop a few streets from here“ As I was saying these words my voice grew louder

“So don’t you come her and tell me where I don’t belong“

“Easy sister! you are a lost soul who should be in limbo right now! I know you grew up here and I am deeply sorry that you are in this situation“ He said very fast still with no emotion. I looked at him deeply into his eyes and then looked at him op and down “You..don‘t seem... sorry“ Leo sighed “excuse me if my lack of facial expression confuses you!“ in the back of my mind I could actually feel the sarcasm in his voice.

You have to come back with me!“




Are you stupid or something? didn’t I just tell you that?“



Yes I did!“ Leo said crossing his arms, probably trying to look more threatening


Well...Who cares! I want to find out who really murdered me“


You already know! It was those Jersey shore wannabes!“ He pointed at Violet and could already guess the rest who he was talking about.

No! I remember they all where there, but only one know..doing the deed“ I said as I tried to block out my screams from that night. “I am begging you to just let me find out who did it, so I can at least have some closer“


Seriously!? You think I would believe in that?“ He laughed which sounded kind of cold.

“ I wasn’t born yesterday! I know you want revenge“

 “Is there something wrong about that?“ I asked as I cleaned some of my fake tears away. Guess he didn’t like the innocent lost girl act.

“YES...I want revenge! One of them killed me in cold blood, and then has the nerve to return to school acting like nothing happened! They all deserve to be punished! They all were there watching me suffer!“ The big lump in my throat was starting to get bigger and I could feel real tears starting to spread. Leo just stood there watching me sharply and his lips were pressed into a thin line.


Three weeks!“ He suddenly said




Three weeks! That is all I can give you, but then I have to come back after you“


Flashback over


“Lets get out of here! Before people start to think I am bulimic!“ Violet said as she took one last look at herself in the graffiti painted mirror. Alexandra and Tessa gave each other that weird look again. Seriously am I missing something?

As we all walked out of the girls bathroom I kept my eyes between Tessa and Alexandra..something fishy was going on. “Hey Rick...Joshua!“ I heard Violet squeal. I was walking right behind Alexandra and Tessa hoping to catch them talking about something that had to do with Violet. “Rick? Is something wrong? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost?“ At that word I looked up fast. Rick Carlsen one of the people that I hated the most was pointing right at me...


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