Ghostly Revenge

I Want Revenge!!! They Killed me! They made me suffer! why you may ask? because I wasn´t good enough!! My Name is Royal Catori and I´m a Ghost...and This is my Story..


6. Chapter Five




For a minute I just stood there staring right at him Rick I mean... How was this possible? How could he see me? Rick was standing dumbfound a few meters away. Violet had been right he did look like someone who had just seen a ghost and that ghost just had to be me!

I started to back away slowly never even thinking about looking away from him. I took the chance of running when he shook his head while keeping his eyes shut.

“ You have got to be kidding me!“ I yelled as I was walking straight into the girls bathroom again “Leo!? I know you can hear me! What the hell is this?!“ My dead heart was beating fast I was starting to panic. Did Rick Carlsen just see me? How would I make my revenge if Mr. Big ego keeps busting me while I am here. He better not tell any of the others! “No! Control your self Royal“ I was walking back and forth. What was I suppose to do now? Was it over? Do I have to go back now? “Probably“ I mumbled to myself. It took me about a minute or two when I had come up with a new plan.

Rick can see me right! So I could use that as an advantage. I could tell him a that I was hear to haunt him until my murder was justified. He already looked scared when he just saw me! Maybe he would believe in it. I didn’t notice someone had come in when I heard the voice of the person I would least want to meat now. “Oh my god!“ I turned and looked straight at Rick Carlsen‘s pale face. He must have followed me in here

“ This is the girls bathroom“ Shit I feel like Moaning Myrtle... you can already guess I have a thing for Harry Potter, and Moaning Myrtle was my favorite character. She and I have many thing in common.


we are both Weird

Murdered in school


I was snapped out of my thoughts when Rick said

“you‘r suppose to be dead!?“ I tried to keep my face emotionless while I took a step closer to him

“And I can thank you and your friends for that... right?“ He stumbled away from me probably scared. I smirked

“What? Scared of a little ghost“ His face showed two emotions! One was fear the other one was confusion.

“I didn‘t kill you!“ Was he kidding me? I saw him! I know he was there.

“I remember everything! So don‘t lie to me“ I hissed giving him a death glare.

“ I am telling you the truth“ He was starting to sweat. I turned around watching myself in the graffiti painted bathroom mirror.

“If I don‘t remember what happened that night, then please enlighten me of what happened“ I said that in a threatening voice.


“I...I can‘t tell you“ he whispered scared. I started to walk towards him until he backed into the bathroom wall.

“Can‘t or won‘t?“ I asked still keeping my threatening voice. I looked at him with pure disgust. He was pathetic! Six months ago he was the one pushing me to the ground verbally abusing me when he had the chance.

“ If I tell...something bad will happen!“ He croaked. I stepped so close to him so that our nose tips nearly touched

“If you don‘t tell me! I swear something bad will happen“ I whispered into his ear.  

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