The 100th Annual Hunger Games

This is what I think would happen if the Hunger Games still continued.

Katniss and Peeta never did complete the Revolution that freed them from the Capitol, and they had to continue their lives. Shepherding children into the Arena, hoping them as much as they could, only to watch them get butchered. But this was the 100th Annual Hunger Games, a quarter quell, what was to happen, no-one knew.


3. Truths

Waking up was sort of easy, it was moving that was harder. I didn't want to move, it's not like I have to anyway, no-one's called for me, yet. I rolled over, and off the bed with a thud. I fidgeted, trying to pull myself back onto the bed. Scratching and pulling at the duvet, I finally got back onto the cloud life softness of the bed. Happy with myself I was on the bed, I laughed softly. I looked around the room, I still wasn't used to the size of it. My head scanned the room, but stopped at the window. It's still night, that explains why no-one has called for me, cause it's night. I was fully rested though, how am I supposed to get back to sleep now?


I left my room, not wanting to sleep, but wanting a little investigation. I stalked the corridors, cautious of anyone else walking, not wanting to knock into me. I came to the room where Dinner was served a few hours ago, but I wasn't the only one up. Leo was up, wide awake, looking blankly into space. But was startled when he saw me there, hitting his elbow on the chair. "Ow!" he said loudly, murmuring under his breath, probably swears. I felt awkward slightly now, "I'm gonna go," trying not to intrude his privacy. I backed to my room, but he protested. "No, no. It's fine, you can stay. It's nice to have company at night." His voice softened, and grew warmer. He smiled too, "Okay, thanks."I sat down across from him, I felt a little awkward now. He was playing with his hair, curling it around his finger in boredom. 


"So," he said, trying to break the silence. He looked up at me, searching for something, maybe in my eyes. I smiled, "What's up?" I joked. He laughed briefly, maybe being polite, laughing at a girl's bad jokes. "Nothing really. I was wondering something," changing the subject to an actual topic. I tilted my head in interest, "What?" wondering what he was thinking about. He looked away from me, but then back, his expression though. "Why weren't your family at the Reaping?" Oh, this is sort of personal. I don't really like talking about that but, I guess I can tell him. I thought over in my head how to say it, and not just blurt out 'I'm an orphan.'


"It's sort of personal," I admitted, not trying to sound mysterious. I leant back a little, "Oh." His face displayed emotions of disturbance, as his fingers began to circle the table awkwardly. "You don't have to tell me, but I could tell you something personal in return?" I was surprised, he was interested. "Okay then," he smiled. Happy with himself that I trusted him. I think. "I don't remember my parents, they died when I was eight. Along with my little brother, he was only two. No-one told me how they died though, and with no other family, I had no-one to turn to. So..." I began to drift off. "So?" Leo tried to start me off again, truly interested in what I was saying. I don't know why I trust him with this information, I don't even know him. But then again, I feel like I know him from somewhere else.


"So, I've lived on the streets since I was eight. When I was fourteen, I ventured into the forest for the first time, and instantly connected with the nature there, as if I belonged." I finished there, and gave him a smile. "I'm sorry to hear about that Accalia." Sympathy tainted the words he spoke, and encouragement shone in his smile. "Yeah, but I guess the Games are my future now," I admitted. He nodded, it was our future. No matter what, we'll have to bear through this horrible 'game' together. I still think it's inhuman that they call it a game, it makes me sick. "That's something really personal you told me, so I'm not sure if this is on the same level."


I tilted my head, wondering what he was going to say. Maybe it was about the Games? Or his parents? It could be anything. He leant in closer, I followed, getting close to him. I could feel his breath lightly on my face. He looked around the room, as if there was someone there, but no-one else was here. But still, he lifted his hand to my ear and whispered. "I love someone." I was shocked, and now intrigued, also wanting to know who it is. "Who is it?" I asked, my blood began to run faster with interest. I leant over the table as he raised his hand again. "Really want to know?" he breathed through my ear. I smiled, "Yes," I echoed back. He retracted his hand from my ear, and just looked into my eyes, and sighed happily. He bit his lip, and looked away. "It's you..."

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