The 100th Annual Hunger Games

This is what I think would happen if the Hunger Games still continued.

Katniss and Peeta never did complete the Revolution that freed them from the Capitol, and they had to continue their lives. Shepherding children into the Arena, hoping them as much as they could, only to watch them get butchered. But this was the 100th Annual Hunger Games, a quarter quell, what was to happen, no-one knew.


9. The Prep Team

The bright lights grew with intensity, blinding me almost. I ran to my wardrobe and changed into an orange shirt, black trousers and a black jacket. Leo was still in the room, which kind of made me feel a little uncomfortable, but he was looking out the window, I think. Oh well, he's seen me naked anyway. I looked over at him, he was leant against the windowsill, with his arm crossed over his chest. He was smiling at me, as if I had told his the most amazing news. I tied on my black boots as Leo came over to me, he just watched me. Or he was waiting because I was taking my time, either way he was there. I pulled the last knot tight, and stood to attention. He seized my hand, and lead me out of my room and into the capitol.



We had gotten to the Make-Over Center, after a short journey through the long roads and back-alleys. Even they looked safer then district 12, but that's hardly surprising. And we stepped into a large glass elevator, which rose high into the sky. It was amazing, I wasn't expecting to like it, but I rather enjoyed. I was slightly disappointing when it stopped, but I didn't moan or groan. Didn't want to seem like a petty child, did I? Leo still had a tight grasp on my hand, as if he was a child taking him to school. But I'm not. We're both being led to our deaths, but I still think he'll live out everyone else and win. I hope he does anyway, for the district. He'll want to do it to make his parents proud I guess, and his sister of course. I looked up into grey eyes as we headed down a corridor. He looked a little frightened, but also curious. He smiled nervously at me, but sort of tried to look calm, he wasn't succeeding. His smile was thin, and crooked. He wasn't good at hiding nerves to be honest. But I smiled back reassuringly, but was stopped by Violet when she stood in front of me. 


"Accalia, your prep team is in there." She held her hand out to the wooden looking door. I didn't think we'd be going to our prep teams yet! The District Arenas haven't even been yet. I didn't want to go in, but shyly went in. After waving goodbye to Leo, I don't think a kiss would have been appropriate in front his parents. That would be really awkward. The room was empty, and strangely too hot. I rushed over to the window, and pushed it up. Whispering in a cool breeze. I looked out the window, just wishing I could get out there, to explore the streets, listen to the people. It's good to breathe a different type of air, not the smell of burning coal and ashes. The taste of the air here was tingling, electrifying infact. Kind of like sparks of fire were ignited on the tip of my tongue.


"There she is!" I sudden voice boomed loudly into the room. I instantly turned to see someone rushing through the door, smiling, and clapping excitedly. He were carrying loads of boxes of god only knows what. Then someone else trailed in, dragging a chair behind them. I heard little shrieks coming from them. "Oh, she is very pretty!" one of them said very high pitched. Almost burst my eardrum to be honest. The chair was placed in the middle of the room, and the pair of them assembled in a line in front of me. The brushed off their clothes and smiled up at me. "Hello Accalia," one of them said while bowing, which I thought wasn't necessary, but I nodded to him. "I am Jaron, that's Zindra." I studied all of them, trying to remember their names.


Okay, Jaron was a man. He had baby blue skin, with white tattoos curling around his neck like a necklace. His piercing green eyes where amazing, but I wasn't sure if they were real or contacts. His hair was quite... feminine, I didn't particularly think it suited him. It was a pearly green, and it curled down to his chest. He wore a rather striking green velvet suit, which brought out his eyes. Zindra on the other hand had yellowish skin, which gave the impression that she looked sick. Maybe she was, but it didn't seem like it. She didn't have any tattoos that I could see. She also had green eyes, but they weren't like Jaron's. They were cloudy, more realistic. Her hair was tied back in a irregular ponytail. Instead of falling down behind her neck, it curled upwards. Either there were invisible strings, or she had a lot of hairspray on. As for her make-up, she was wearing heavy pink eyeshadow, and purple lipstick. The same shades as the colours on her dress, which must have been planned.


"We are here to prepare you for your stylist." They both smiled, and then shrieked to each other. I knew I was going to be here for hours. So I just sat back and let them do their job. They were making conversation with each other, and to be honest, I didn't have a clue what they were on about. And they began to strip me of every loose hair so I could see my stylist.

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