The 100th Annual Hunger Games

This is what I think would happen if the Hunger Games still continued.

Katniss and Peeta never did complete the Revolution that freed them from the Capitol, and they had to continue their lives. Shepherding children into the Arena, hoping them as much as they could, only to watch them get butchered. But this was the 100th Annual Hunger Games, a quarter quell, what was to happen, no-one knew.


10. My Stylist

"Ow!" I screeched as Jaron pulled the hairs off my legs. I reacted not very well with the waxing, I almost slapped him away. I could see his green eyes squint, and his mouth pull back with a cringe, while Zindra was flinching. I stood there, naked. Them checking over my body for any imperfections. Loose hairs, birthmarks, dead skin. They wanted to turn me into a doll or something. Which, hopefully my stylist wouldn't agree with. But I'm not going to get my hopes up. The pair of them stood back, and looked at me happy with their work. They let out little shrieks started packing up. Jaron threw me a robe, and Zindra picked up all the boxes. Then they both left, but not before Jaron stuck his head back around the door and said. "We'll send her in now." Actually he didn't say it, he sung it very high pitched. Which I had started to get used to.


So my stylist was a girl then? Hmm... I started to think over the different sorts of people that could walk through the door. I'm expecting a woman in a ridiculously pink dress, with green skin and bright yellow hair. But I was hoping she wouldn't be like that. I went over to the window, and leant against it. Feeling the ever growing cold air stroke my smooth, raw skin. I felt... different. Not clean or anything like that. I felt like I had a new skin, and I still had to break it in. By the time I get to the Arena I would have broken it in, unless I have to go through this process again. I better not have to, that would be torture.


The door opened slowly, building tension slightly. I looked over my shoulder, but she wasn't there. Nothing was, which was slightly worrying to be honest. I turned back to the window, looking over the Capitol. The sky was still quite bright, but afternoon was coming closer. I've been in here for hours, very boring. I sighed. "Am I intruding?" I spun to the sudden question. I wasn't quite expecting what I was about to see. "No it's fine," I coughed trying to clear my throat. She smiled, and walked closer to me, but not judging me. "I am Jeladrial, your stylist."


I had a good feeling about her, she wasn't like the other people in the capitol. She looked like her own kind of person. Her skin was tanned, which glowed almost, but it wasn't dyed. She had no tattoos that I could see. Her eyes were golden, like the glow just before the sun sets. Her hair was a dark blue, and was very nice. It was sleek, like silk as cut into my cheeks. It was short, which I would normally think is horrible, but it suited her. Maybe it was her cheek bones, or her face, either way it looked amazing. She was wearing a full body jumpsuit, but it wasn't all pretty and girly. It was black leather, with blue lines running around it. It kinda reminded me of a wetsuit, but it didn't at the same time. I was already getting to like her.


"So you're going to make me look like a doll?" I asked concerned. Considering all the preparation I had to go though. "No, I'm not turning you into a doll. Cause I know that isn't what you're like, I want to style your costumes and outfits around you. I don't want people to see you as something you aren't." She came next to me on the windowsill, looked out into the city. She seemed to glow in the luminous lights of the Capitol, she was very beautiful, and very different compared to the other people that live here. She quickly turned her attention to me, and smiled. "So tell me a little about yourself. I won't interrupt, just tell me when you're finished speaking." She folded her arms and leant against the windowsill, preparing herself for what she didn't know was going to be a very boring story.


"Well... I grew up with my parents and a little brother in a small house on the outskirts of the district. That was until I was eight..." I kinda stopped, I don't like to think back to that night when I was kicked out of my home with nothing. "My parents and little brother died one night. So I was kicked out of the house when I was eight. No-one even had the guts to tell me how they died. Since then I've been living on the streets, just wandering, like a ghost. Not even knowing where my next meal was coming from. I did take refuge in the forests sometimes, but I haven't been in there for years." I stopped myself from saying anymore, but there wasn't much more to say anyway. That's my life, the whole of it pretty much. I looked down to the floor, remembering when I knocked and knocked on the front door of my house, waiting for my parents to open it. But they never did. I sat out there in the pouring rain all night. But in the morning. Someone came up to me, and told me to leave. I can't really remember what else happened that night.


"Accalia. Do you know what your name means?" she asked. I didn't exactly see what that had to do with anything. "No I don't actually," I replied. I was slightly interested, I never knew what my name mean. "It means she-wolf." I stared at her blankly. I leant in, that couldn't really true, could it? "That's it!" She put her arm around me, and squeezed me slightly. "Accalia, the lone wolf..."


Those words echoed around my mind, bouncing around like a child's play ball. I took me a moment to process it, to realise those words would have been true a few days ago. I'm no longer a lone wolf, I'm no longer alone. I have Leo...

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