The 100th Annual Hunger Games

This is what I think would happen if the Hunger Games still continued.

Katniss and Peeta never did complete the Revolution that freed them from the Capitol, and they had to continue their lives. Shepherding children into the Arena, hoping them as much as they could, only to watch them get butchered. But this was the 100th Annual Hunger Games, a quarter quell, what was to happen, no-one knew.


11. Finally...

My mind didn't quite settle to the idea of myself being a Wolf. I mean, wolves are my favourite animal, but it didn't quite suite. Jeladrial did listen to me, but Violet didn't. Not one bit. But that's hardly surprising since she was from the Capitol. I know so was Jeladrial is too, but she's different, she's her own type of person. I didn't get the chance to see Leo at all that day, I think his stylists were busy with him too. I didn't have a clue what I was wearing in the parade either, tension tensed in my chest. The parade has always been my favourite part of The Hunger Games to watch, since no-one died. Plus I love to admire the costumes, they're so beautiful.


By the time I got to where I was changing into my costume, I was dizzy. Jeladrial has been busy with the arrangements which obviously I didn't know. I leant against the cold wall, my head resting against my shoulder, while gazing out of the window. Wishing I could escape and be free. It's not like my life back in District 12 was good, but it's definitely better than knowing that people are raring to kill me in an instant. The door swung open, and there standing was the best thing.
"Leo..." I called lightly. I rushed to him, his arms outstretched and welcoming me into him. Finally, I'm back in his arms...



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