An Apology

writing is a form of expression and communication, this wasn't written for entertainment this was just how I felt...


1. -

I know it was my fault, my love,

My fault, and mine only.

Alas it's been too long, my dear;

to ever mend that which I broke

but under the cover of the night

I'll hold you in my mind so tight,

to whisper unspoken apologies,

in hope they'll one day reach you.

And in that moment you'll think of me;

That Liar, That cheat, That whore,

but, my love, please hear me out,

for that is me no more.


Time  heals all, my mother says,

as my father tells me;

never look back, but

I'll sneak a glance over my shoulder,

looking to the clock for when it strikes healed.

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