In The Woods

When Jo goes off into the woods alone Maia, Eve and Karl have no choice but to go after her.


1. Off They Go

Eve left the house kitted out with a large bag full of equipment sufficent for a week camping.  "Goodbye Mum, goodbye Sally and goodbye little Louise!" She yelled and setted off down the road to Jo's house.

Sally was her older sister and Louise was Sally's new born daughter.  Sally wouldn't tell Eve who the father is but Eve suspected that her mum knew.

As she aproached Jo's house she heard shouting from inside.

"But it you leave I'll go back to the drugs again..."

"You'll be fine, Sam'll look after you!"


"Oh, just shut up mum its only for a week."

A second later Jo appeared at the door as if nothing had happened. "Come on lets go." she said.

They were on their way to a camp with all of their friends.  The camp was at a smalll camp site a few miles away from Eve's home town.  It consisted of 8.3 acres of thick forest aswell with a few little glades in which they were camping.

When they arived lots of people had already set up their tents so Jo and Eve started setting up their tent. It was a large green traditonal one that could fit up to eight people (although having eight people in would be a very tight squeeze).

Maya and Karl popped their head round the corner of the tent.  Maya was Eve's best friend and had been since they were young.  Karl was Eve's boyfriend and they were really close.

"Heyy guys!" Maya said with a massive smile on her face, "Carly has cooked dinner and it is getting served"

"Cool, I'm on my way" Eve replied.  She followed them over to the dining shelter shortly followed by Jo.

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