*Little Fairy Times*

The lives of very familiar characters and roles with different backgrounds and adventures, all living in a small town called Faybridge.


9. Fairy Time9.

A start of something magical and unexpected was starting in Faybridge; a school bell could be heard and students were leaving the building, the last one to leave out was a young boy named Alan, with butterscotch brown hair and dark brown eyes, with his backpack, he got on his bike and began riding around through town. Alan stopped on his bike and went into corners, where he pulled out milk, meat, and snacks for both stray animals and orphan kids in an orphanage. Thunder had come about and let out small then a lot of rain. Alan was a loner but didn’t let it bother him, as he walked pass a café’ full of classmates and students hanging out. Alan suddenly stops by the last window to bend down to tie his loose shoe strings. 

In the café, at a table a beautiful young girl with long black hair to her waist and pretty hazel eyes was starring at the window sighing as her friend carried on talking around the table. “Ysobel! Hey are you listening?” One girl said. “Hottie Jeremiah will be at your party tonight!” The girls cheered except Ysobel. “He’s so into to you, I’m jealous” Another girl said smiling. “I just want love, true love I know it’s there…” Ysobel said in a low voice with hope still looking in the window at the rain only to blush bright red as Alan stood back up catching her eyes, both face to face with glass between them. Alan let out a very warm sweet smile and went on his way, Ysobel with no hesitation quickly got up and went outside into the rain to catch him. 

“Alan!” Ysobel shouted standing in the rain blushing. Alan turned and walked back to her with his bike, looking at her as she held up a red envelope. “Please come to my birthday party” Ysobel said very shy blushing. “Really? Sure?” Alan said with an irresistible innocent yet sweet face and voice. “Yes, will you come, for me?” Ysobel asked looking up into his eyes wanting to kiss him but caught off guard as Alan hugged her gently and she smiled happily not wanting him to let her go. “Thank you, this is very nice, I’ll see you there” Alan said smiling very kind placing his hooded jacket on Ysobel and left, there stood Ysobel very happy. 

Later on in the day with the sun just about gone, Alan desperately searched for shops with a possible costume to wear at Ysobel birthday that a costume theme but all shops seemed to be closed…all except one. “Hmmm I don’t remember this being here, oh well, umm hello?” Alan said and knocked on the door as he walked into the strange small shop that full of ancient antiques and treasure. Alan walked across a carpet rug at the door that he made him smiled intrigued, he then looked around seeing many golden treasures but was very drawn to one thing. “Cool, hmm what’s this...writing?” Alan said rubbing the dust off the lamp gently. “You summoned me?” A mysterious voice said behind Alan, a boy appeared near a cash register counter with heterochromia eyes, one blue and other green, deep blue hair, and had two gold bracelets on his wrists. 

“Oh sorry, are you the owner?” Alan asked a bit puzzled. “Maybe…the name is Gasper by the way” The boy said with a bewitching smile. “Do you have any costumes here?” Alan asked looking at Gasper  who smiled with one eyebrow up in curiosity. “Depends, what do you wanna be?” Alan thought for a moment, “I suppose a prince that would be fine” Alan said. “Is that a wish?” Gasper asked smiling with his eyes almost looking as though they glowed excited. “Umm sure… I wish to be a prince” Alan said. “As you wish…master” Gasper said smiling. At a sudden stroke of time at the clock tower in town Alan found him somehow outside of Ysobel’s home.

“Alan, you’re here” Ysobel said happily as she opened the door and hugged him. Alan hugged back but very confused of what just happen and saw that he in a very unique handsome prince costume that went with Ysobel’s princess outfit.  “Ysobel, happy birthday” Alan said sweetly holding a present. Ysobel smiled in his eyes and leaned up holding his cheeks and kissed him passionately that made Alan blushed very surprised. “Ready to be my prince tonight?” Ysobel asked happily. “I’ll be right there in a sec” Alan said with a nice smile. Ysobel blushed and smiled going back inside. 

“Ouch… What’s that?” Alan said feeling something in his big pocket only to pull out a lamp. “Wait… this can’t be...how?” confused and looking around Alan ran to find the shop but shocked to see it gone like it was never there. “It was here, how could it have just disappeared?” Alan asked completely baffled but as he looked he saw a strange puppy starring at him that had odd eyes, one blue, and the other green. Alan then headed back, walking pass the puppy. “…you still have two wishes left…” A familiar voice said. Alan looked back but the puppy was gone. *** 

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