*Little Fairy Times*

The lives of very familiar characters and roles with different backgrounds and adventures, all living in a small town called Faybridge.


8. Fairy Time8.

In a big white house lived a married couple with their daughter in the outer area of Faybridge town. Not long they had just moved to the town and began to settle in their new home. Gennifer Goldsmith, their adorable daughter and little princess was an eight year old with long blonde curly hair, pink cheeks, with pink and white roses in hair then the color of her dress, looking like a sweet doll. The Goldsmith had begun to already have problems along with others in and out of the Faybridge town.  In the start of a morning, Gennifer woke up and headed downstairs to find broken glass every where, her mom trying to clean up the mess and her dad angry on the phone.

“What’s going on mommy?” Gennifer asked as she quickly helped her mom. “Oh sweetie, don’t worry, I thought I had heard something at night and went to see only to hurt my wrist on a broken vase” Mrs. Goldsmith said with a gentle smile rubbing Gennifer’s head. “I need to take you to the doctor, Gennybear do you mind spending time with Rosy?” Mr. Goldsmith asked as he picked her up and had a warm smile. “I love being with Rosy and Grandma Red” Gennifer said happily.  Moments later, Mr. Goldsmith was already at the hospital a his wife got proper treatment for her wounded wrists.

Gennifer was cozy sitting between Rosy and her boyfriend Lester, watching a movie. “Genny, I have some fresh backed muffins if you’re hungry” Rosy said smiling as she took the muffins out the oven in the kitchen wearing a cute deep red apron. “Thank you” Gennifer smiled taking one and enjoying every bite as she held onto Lester’s hand like a sweet little sister.  “Is Grandma Red feeling better yet?” Gennifer asked very concern looking up at Rosy. “Aww yes but with a few more days she will be home again, say how we throw a party, a girl party?” Rosy asked with a cheerful smile. “Yay!” Gennifer shouted excited. “How about a story until your dad arrives?” Lester asked putting on his reading glasses that made him even more handsome and smart. “Okay” Rosy said sitting on Rosy’s lap listening and Lester read by the fireplace with a pot of water boiling. 

Soon Gennifer was back home and sleeping in her bed as her parents was next door in a slumber. Gennifer jumped up hearing strange sounds, scared reaching for her doll but noticed it not there, got out of bed and quietly went downstairs only to witness her doll, mom’s jewels, and dad’s money be stolen.  “Stop thief! I’m going to tell! Give me back my Dolly!” Gennifer yelled chasing after the thief out the house and into the forest. “Uh oh….hello?” Gennifer stopped as she lost him and found herself alone, lost, and far from home. “Can anyone help me...please?” A tear eyed Gennifer called out walking around then saw a house and quickly ran to it to knock but found the door to be already open. “Hello..?” Gennifer looked around the house to see set three of almost everything, chairs, bowls, and even beds. “An empty house...hmmm” Gennifer said thinking with a suspicious and confused tone. 

With no hesitation Gennifer ate some of the third bowl of porridge to stay and wrapped around the bed’s covers to stay warm on the chilly night. At the moment a loud scream and smell smoke awoken Gennifer, who screamed herself as three strangers, a man, woman, and son in black stood over her. Gennifer had ran out the house fast, discovering the thief’s home and hide out, running in the opposite direction not far was Owen and Olivia with ashes from a fire on their faces. 

The Thieves was cornered by police as Gennifer in her father’s arms had direct them the way. “I’m very upset you left the house like that sweetie” Mrs. Goldsmith said hugging her daughter tight mad but with a relieved smile. “I’m sorry, I just didn’t want mommy to get hurt again and I like it here, wanted to solve the mystery” Gennifer said with the sound of a heart of child that love her parents deeply. “Well, I’m very proud, your even better than a cop but no more running off without adult supervision, alright princess?” Mr. Goldsmith said. “Yes papa bear heehee” Gennifer said with a smile. ***

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