*Little Fairy Times*

The lives of very familiar characters and roles with different backgrounds and adventures, all living in a small town called Faybridge.


7. Fairy Time7.

Some time had gone past quick in Faybridge, Sophronia once eleven when she arrived in town now an even more very beautiful fourteen year old girl with white pale skin, rose red lips, and lovely black hair. Still with her stepmom Diana and remain together with Hyatt. It was a peaceful day in town as everyone continued their lives that were many familiar in another time. Away from town in the big forest held many secrets within it of other citizens.  Deep in the forest a young boy with messy but wavy brown hair then wearing dirty overall like clothing was on a search. “Hmmm, Oh great!” Owen shouted excited finding fresh berries and hurried taking some into a basket made of sticks and decorated by flowers.

“Olivia, hey look what I got for us!’ Owen said still excited as he headed to a large tree with a girl sitting on a branch. “Hi brother!” Olivia smiled waving and climbed down gently. “What is it?” Olivia asked, she had pretty red wild curly hair in a dirty dress.  “It’s our food for today, enough to last still tomorrow” Owen said with a confident smile, he held up a basket of berries. Olivia’s smiled dropped and became sad. “Brother that’s all we even eat” Olivia said as both their stomachs growled. “I know... sorry sis... I still try” Owen looking down feeling like a failure. “You do, we are now twelve and we still made it out her longer, we will be fine” Olivia said hugging Owen tight. Owen looked way up at the sky smiled with hope in his eyes and a small drop of water hit his cheek.  The small drop soon became more, pouring down fast and hard.

Hand to hand, Owen and Olivia ran looking for a possible shelter. Under thick but soft bushes, they were close together, trying to avoid the harsh sudden weather abit. Owen placed a small blanket over Olivia as she layed on his lap shivering and scared of the thunder. “Don’t worry sis, just listen and close off the sounds around you” Owen said with a gentle smile, taking out a flute and began to play a nice melody that even seem to quiet the thunder and slow the rain. Olivia fell into a sleep and Owen kept watch through the night as he made a warm fire to dry them off until the sun came back to shine upon them. 

In the next morning, Owen realized he dozed off and Olivia was gone from her spot at night. “Olivia?!!” Owen yelled with no hesitation, looking desperately for his only family and sister. “Where are you?! Olivia!!” Owen yelled more scared and worried as he was now running around still searching but quickly stopped as he suddenly found a strange house right in the middle of the forest.  An old woman came out with a wicked smile. “Have seen my sister? Red hair and with a dirty white bow in her hair?” Owen said very mad and suspicious. “Why don’t you come in... I made pie and you seem like a sweet boy” The old women said with a grin. Olivia just then appeared and returned holding a baby rabbit happily.

“Brother! Look what I found, can I keep her? She’s an orphan too” Olivia said but stopped and looked around confused. “Owen…?”  In the house, Owen was out unconscious on a floor in a locked room, the old woman was in the kitchen cooking a cake along with cookies. Then began to fan the smell up in her chimney and grinned very eager looking at her door. “Owen? Where you go brother?” Olivia called out, looking around and saw smoke in the air. “What’s that?” Olivia asked very curious, walking in the direction and smelled a delicious scent. She then stood very bewildered. “A house…?” Olivia said shocked. ***

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