*Little Fairy Times*

The lives of very familiar characters and roles with different backgrounds and adventures, all living in a small town called Faybridge.


6. Fairy Time6.

As the morning begun in Faybridge Town, everyone was up and out enjoying the warm breeze with a perfect blue sky. Little Elice was up a tree daydreaming with her kitten and Ms. Jane sitting under the tree study animals in a research book. Azura in her home’s garden singing and playing with small animals then Clarabelle sadly stuck at home doing chores.  Rosy left her home ready to begin her day, a very beautiful young girl with an innocent gentle face, pink lips, long eye lashes then long wavy dark burgundy hair with a wavy long bang over her gray eyes. Rosy had on her favorite red hooded cloak made by her loving grandmother that she cherished. She stopped at a door holding up something fresh and warm in a basket. 

“Hello Mr. Chancellor, may I interest in my homemade muffins?” Rosy said sweetly. “Mmm yes please, and thank you very much Hun” Mr. Chancellor said smiling as he paid and went inside with his basket. Rosy happily went door to door selling more muffins of all types, earning good money for a very special cost in her heart. “Thank Mam, have a good day” Rosy said waving as she walked away. With a knock on the door, Diana Whittemore appeared. “Would you like to purchase one of my muffins made to warm the soul?” Rosy asked smiling kindly. “How nice, of course, two please, and here… from one of my best apple trees” Diana said with a grin. “Thank you” Rosy said holding the red apple and went on her way. 

Moments later Rosy happily went into a store and soon hurried into the town’s hospital, Rosy went on all three floors giving out flowers to patients then made it up stairs to the last floor to the room that had an elderly woman asleep. “Well welcome back” Doctor Thomas said with a kind smile. “How is she?” Rosy asked very worried but with a smile. “Don’t worry she’s finally starting to come through and catching rest, if this continue she will be back home” Doctor Thomas said and left with a nurse. Rosy smiled very happy placing a crystal swan next to grandmother and walked out the room to see the last room with two very young boys in there. 

Rosy quietly went into the room, very sad to see two boys in a coma next to each other, with a bouquet of flowers she placed on a table for each boy. A very handsome boy stood at the door watching with a lovely smile. “Oh I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t intrude” Rosy said embarrassed a bit being caught off guard. “No, I should thank you, what you just did was very sweet, I’m Lester, those two are my brothers" Lester said. Rosy blushed and smiled shaking his hand that they paused, feeling something. “I’m Rose, but I have always like Rosy better”  “Your very beautiful and again thank you” Lester said with a smile that made Rosy blush more then show a serious concern face.

“May I ask what happen to them?” Rosy asked more worried then curious. Lester’s face became a very angry but sad look as he looked down. “It’s crazy but my brothers were victims to an animal attack…” Lester said but then he actually blushed himself as Rosy took his hand.  “It’s not crazy, just a couple of days ago my grandma was a victim as well of the same attack” Rosy said squeezing Lester’s hand a bit. “The doctor think maybe a dog got loose or something, but I know it wasn’t that” Lester said with confidence. “What was it?” Rosy asked very curious for both their situations, feeling almost scared of what he was about to say to her. Lester looked in her eyes. “A wolf...” *** 

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