*Little Fairy Times*

The lives of very familiar characters and roles with different backgrounds and adventures, all living in a small town called Faybridge.


5. Fairy Time5.

A loud explosion could be heard by a house further out the town and Belda holding her books hurried home to find out what was going on as black smoke was coming out the house. “Papa?” Belda called out waving the smoke away from her face, putting her things down on a table.  “Belda dear, how was your day?” Mr. Chancellor asked while fixing a machine that reassembled a toaster. “My day?! Papa I can’t leave for a few minutes and I think the house blew up” Belda said smiling. “Aww nonsense, your old dad knows what he doing... Now can you help me with the tool box?” Mr. Chancellor said with a kind smile. “Heehee, sure Papa” Belda smiled getting the tool box but stopped and looked around confused.

“Where Donny go?” Mr. Chancellor looked up thinking. “Oh yes, he’s out playing” Belda let out a worried look. “Papa is he alright without his big sis?, Donny is sometimes led astray easily” Belda said. “Don’t worry” Mr. Chancellor said but with abit of doubt himself.  “Haahaa can’t catch me!” Gino yelled running fast into town with Donny right behind. “Wait, okay you win, my legs aren’t as good as yours” Donny said catching his breath. Gino smiled victorious with his rosy pink cheeks, brown chocolate skin, and creamy white clothes. “I told you, know one can catch me” Gino said happily. “I must have had wooden legs because I’m not too good running Mr. Jolly” Donny said laughing and teased.  “Speaking of wooden legs, look at that over there!” Gino said excited pointing. “Wow a traveling circus in town!” Donny cheered along with Gino. “Well what are we waiting for?!” Gino yelled and happily ran fast to the entertainment and Donny followed along.

Moments later they were at a puppet show, Donny foot was tapping and his hands clapping right with the beat. A host dressed a fox appeared after the show in front of the two innocent boys. “Please come right in, the main show will start soon” The Fox said. “Awesome, let’s go Donny...Hello?”  Donny was blushing as he eyes caught a mysterious girl going in the back way of the tent with the other performers. “Did you see her?” Donny asked. “See what? Come on it’s about to began!” Gino said hurrying inside and they sat down with good close seats. Gino laughed and clapped with the audience as clowns was the main enjoyment. Donny eyes were up as he saw the mysterious gorgeous girl on a swing bewitching him. 

The beauty dressed in blue from top to bottom, sparking like a star, smiled down at Donny and blew a romantic kiss that felled down like little star dust. Donny blushed and smiled, Gino noticed and laughed looking around. “Where that came from?” Gino asked. “Up there from…her?” Donny said confused as the girl had disappeared.  After the show was done and started packing up, Gino noticed the time as sunset was beginning. “Aww I have to head back home, granny and grandpa don’t like me late, catch you later!” Gino shouted and ran home very fast smiling.

“Bye!” Donny waved and sat on a swing on a playground. “Oh Hello” Donny blushed just realizing a girl next to him on swing that looked familiar.  The girl smiled heavenly and put a band aid on Donny’s knee sweetly, making him blush. “Be careful, you’re just human now, you can wound” The girl said and began to leave. “Wait, who are you? Will I see you again?” Donny said standing with hope in his heart. The girl turned and smiled. “I never left you Donny, and my name is Bluma” She then disappeared into a blue light right before Donny’s eyes, who smiled very big watching…*** 

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