*Little Fairy Times*

The lives of very familiar characters and roles with different backgrounds and adventures, all living in a small town called Faybridge.


4. Fairy Time4.

At a small home in town, a little boy holding his teddy waited patiently, looking constantly through the window and suddenly smiled excited running out his room to the another room. “Momma! Big brother home!” Max shouted spinning around with his teddy. Ms. Greenbaum smiled very happy and hurried with her son.  A taxi cab had stop at the house, and a young very handsome boy gets out with his bag, along with his friend, who was a pretty girl in a small lavender dress. “I’m so glad we were able to escape the crowds” Whitney said relieved. “Aww but I love my fans, besides I’m an Idol after all” Peter said with a sweet smile. Whitney smiled and headed to the door of the house as Peter stopped looking next door with a smirk. 

“Well hello Mr. Howell” Peter said waving in a sarcastic smile. Mr. Howell was on his porch making a model boat. “Peter Greenbaum…” Mr. Howell said angry and annoyed. “Why the face sir? Still feel my sting of our last duel?” Peter said smiling and laughed. “Mark my words boy, I’ll have my revenge” Mr. Howell said holding up his fist. “Oh, be careful sir, your wig might fall off, have a good night” Peter left laughing inside his home. Mr. Howell quickly fixed his black wig and was caught off guard by the sound of clock ticking.  “Big brother!” Max shouted running into Peter’s arms happily. “Hey little man” Peter said smiling holding max up in his arms and gave his mom a loving hug. “Whitney I could use a special assistant in the kitchen” Ms. Greenbaum said with a kind smile. “Of course” Whitney put on an apron and went in to the kitchen. The boys headed up stairs, Max ready to play until his bedtime. 

Max and his teddy were dressed as pirates on his crib bed made into a pirate ship. “Arg!!” Max said playful stirring the boat with a toy. “I going to blow up that island and take all treasure!” Suddenly behind the curtains Peter jumped out with a sword. “Oh no you don’t!” Max giggled and blew cannons of pillows that Peter dodged and held his sword behind him. “Time for you o walk the plank” Peter said. Max giggled sliding down his crib into Peter arms. “That was fun! Big brother is the also the best” Max happily said with his teddy. “How come I can’t be the villain?” Peter smiled curious as he asked. “Because you’re the hero brother” Max said with a sleeping smile.

Peter smiled putting Max to bed and sat outside on the roof looking at the stars. A small green light was watching him and blew a magical dust at him. “Hmmm?” Peter thought for one moment he was floating and went back inside.  The next morning, Peter had got up early and left the house to check out his home town after being gone for a while. “Judging by all the books, this must be Belda” Peter laughed and smiled. “Hello Peter, welcome home” Belda said smiling carrying new books to take home.

“Hey Rosy!” Peter shouted waving as he walked by. A very beautiful young girl waved in a long red hood as she went door to door selling yummy treats.  Soon arriving near the town’s harbor, Peter smiled excited looking around and sat near the dock waiting. A girl swam up with pretty deep red hair with emerald eyes and saw Peter. “Hey there, Find so more neat stuff while I was gone?” Peter laughed and smiled. “Peter hi heehee” Ariana said happily splashing him a bit…*** 

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