*Little Fairy Times*

The lives of very familiar characters and roles with different backgrounds and adventures, all living in a small town called Faybridge.


3. Fairy Time3.

During the evening in town, many kids were in the town’s big book store, a big place that has a small café inside, especially for adults and teens with work. A young woman came inside along with a little girl. “Alright I’ll be here” Jane said sitting at the café with tea. Elice began looking around and found a girl reading. “Hello Belda heehee” Elice said with a friendly smile. “Oh Elice, glad you was able to come today, what’s new?” Belda said putting her book down from her face. 

“Umm just the same dream, you?” Elice said smiling as she sat down. ‘You know me, I love reading about new things” Belda said happy hugging her books of her choice. “I really believe that one day you will have your own library of books in the future” Elice laughed and smiled helping Belda with her books to buy up front. “I would love that too” Belda said happily.  “After your session with Ms. Jane tomorrow, you can come over to tell me more about your adventures, besides you have to see what my dad made this time” Belda said holding up her books leaving the store. “Sounds fun, bye bye!” Elice shouted and waved, only to catch a glimpse of a cat and smiled. 

At the Underwood’s mansion home, Azura and her parents arrived and welcomed by the owner. ‘Please come in and the dinner room is right down the hall to the left” said Mr. Underwood. Azura looked around walking with her parents, then sat at their chosen seats at the long table with delicious food, and lit candles.  “Ahhh Yes, let introduce my young son Philip” Mr. Underwood said with a smile. Azura turned red as a cute boy walked in the room and sat across from her at the table. “Hi” Philip smiled. “Hello” Azura smiled back. “Please enjoy your meals then Philip show Azura around, she’s your guest” Mr. Underwood said and started eating with Azura’s parents. “Sure dad Philip” said smiling right at Azura, who looked down very red. 

Meanwhile, Hyatt and Sophronia were on the couch watching TV until Hyatt noticed the time had begun to get close to night time. Sophronia was had fallen asleep on his lap. “Sophronia?” Hyatt said smiling and leaned down kissing her cheek. “I’m sorry!” Sophronia woke up blushing. “Heh, no it’s okay, just I have to get home now, bye” Hyatt laughed and said at the door. “Okay, umm... come back soon?” Sophronia whispered a bit shyly. “Alright, we can go for a ride on my bike” Hyatt said and left walking home. Sophronia blushed that he heard her and smiled closing the door.  Back at the Underwood mansion, Azura followed Philip out in the back. “Meet my own pet horse” Peter said smiling. “He’s so beautiful” Azura said as she gently showed affection with gentle touches on his forehead. Philip held out his hand, “Let’s go for a ride for a bit”.

Azura smiled excited as she sat behind him, holding on and the horse took them on a nice ride under the moonlight. Unknowingly to them they were parents saw and watched smiling.  In town near the clock tower a handsome young boy smiled looking up at it. “Peter!” A girl shouted waving with a smile. “Heh, coming” Peter said as he walked away. Up above in the clock tower, coming out of hiding a mysterious very small green light appear, watching Peter and flew right behind into his bag as he left with his friend…*** 

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