*Little Fairy Times*

The lives of very familiar characters and roles with different backgrounds and adventures, all living in a small town called Faybridge.


2. Fairy Time2.

In Faybridge Town, the next morning had begun with light shining at a house a bit further from town. A cute blonde little girl was happily twirling around in a mirror wearing a beautiful dress. “Hmmm something is missing” Ms. Mary said and smiled with an idea leaving the room. “I have just the thing… here we go, perfect!” Ms. Mary said with a loving smile placing a tiara on Clarabelle’s head. “Is that me? Heehee” Clarabelle was amazed after she was playing dress up with Ms. Mary, a very sweet elderly neighbor with her own magical equipment to make anything dazzling. 

“Well you look ready for any glamorous party my dear” Ms. Mary said turning on piano music. Clarabelle giggled and started dancing around the room and watching Ms. Mary applauded. The door then knocked and they both stopped looking at each other with disappointment. Ms. Mary went the door and opened it, Clarabelle went upstairs to change.

  “Oh yes, Hello Mrs. Dawson, please come in” Ms. Mary said holding her door opened. “No thank you except for watching her, CLARABELLE LET’S GO NOW!” Mrs. Dawson shouted waiting. “I’m coming!” Clarabelle said hurrying down the stairs with her things. “What is this? You just stick to reality not fantasy” Mrs. Dawson said angrily snatching the tiara off and putting it on the table. “Bye Ms. Mary” Clarabelle said with a sad smile and hug. “I’m always here for you, no matter what, just remember she was in pain of lost of your dad too” Ms. Mary whispered as she hugged Clarabelle back. Clarabelle nodded and left with Mrs. Dawson, entering the back seat with already two girls waiting inside. Ms. Mary waved and Clarabelle sat quiet in the car with a small tear. 

Outside in a garden, Azura Winchester was under a tree singing to birds and squirrels with a soft melody. Suddenly rose petals were floating down around her and she looked up with a big smile. “Hey heehee sillies” Azura giggled watching playful squirrels run around through the tree knocking petals down from the tree. “Aww so pretty” Azura said with a curious smile as she followed three beautiful butterflies.

  “Azura?” Mrs. Winchester called, a very beautiful woman who Azura took after in looks, with long curly blonde hair and very interesting eyes that seem grayish lavender. “I’m here mother, I just saw these butterflies, one was red, then the other green, and last the small one was blue” Azura said excited and giggled inside.  “My little rose, I also have news too, we been invited to a dinner at the Underwood’s” Ms. Winchester said. “Can I wear my pink dress?” Azura asked cheerfully. “Yes, let’s go get ready” Ms. Winchester smiled taking Azura inside the house. 

Meanwhile, Hyatt Princeton knocked on the door of the Whittemore house. Sophronia opened the door only to blush a lot. “You…um... Hi” Sophronia said with a shy smile. “Hello, we kind of met yesterday but it might sound crazy but a bird had this, is this yours?” Hyatt asked holding up the red ribbon. “Yes, I thought I lost it, thank you” Sophronia said very happy. “It was around my neck for good luck” Sophronia added saying. Hyatt thought for a moment and took the red ribbon, putting it on Sophronia's head into a cute bow. “Much better, now you’re even prettier” Hyatt smiled very sweetly. Sophronia smiled blushing. Diana appeared behind her daughter and smiled. “Would you like to come in?” Hyatt nodded as Sophronia took his hand inside…*** 

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