*Little Fairy Times*

The lives of very familiar characters and roles with different backgrounds and adventures, all living in a small town called Faybridge.


10. Fairy Time10.

Away from town, near a lake shoreline, beautiful young Ariana arrived and with no hesitation jumped into the water, with her deep red hair floating and moving like waves. Ariana happily swam under the water, collecting old coins, seashells, and more in a small purple bag. Her day became cut short as dark clouds filled the sky in Faybridge. Ariana quickly started to swim back to shore but stopped at a close sound of thunder and lighting hitting a boat up ahead. Ariana swam to the boat that caught on fire with a boy sinking down in the river. But not just any boy, someone she always loved from afar. 

Back in town, at the hospital Ariana was in the waiting room watching a tank full of big and small fishes that swam around and around. Handsome Doctor Thomas walked out and towards to Ariana. “You can see him now, he’s doing very well thanks to you” Dr. Thomas said with a smile. Ariana went into the room and smiled happily waving a bit shy. “You...you saved me” Eliot said smiling into her eyes. They both exchanged looks that made love fill the atmosphere and Eliot took Ariana’s hand. “I owe you my life and I’m feeling something for you I can’t explain…stay with me” Eliot said that made Ariana very happy and blushes but just as she opened her mouth to speak a girl appeared from behind singing a melody she found very familiar. 

“That song…I know it” Eliot said holding his head. “Of course you do, it’s our special song, and I’m your girlfriend after all” Virginia said as she hugged Eliot tight. Ariana stood with her eyes becoming almost like water and her face red, she held her throat. She couldn’t speak as her voice was suddenly gone and all she could do was watch her love with another girl. Virginia looked at Ariana and went outside the room with her. “Thank you for saving my boyfriend, but don’t you dare try to twist his head, what just happen was nothing...but just the amnesia talking” Virginia said in a cold mean tone. Ariana was completely hurt and shocked how quick a beautiful sweet girl turned evil. “Find your own love fish girl” Virginia said. Ariana walked away in deep tears that Eliot saw and didn’t like. 

Later, late at night after Virginia was long gone but due to return to take him home safely, Eliot tried to sneak away out the hospital. “Whoa were you going Mr. Patterson?” Dr. Thomas said as he caught Eliot dressed and leaving the room in the hurry. “Please sir, I have to do something important and I will be back” Eliot said seriously. “Alright but not too long” Dr. Thomas said with a kind smile. Eliot then went on his way and knocked on a door of big home near the harbor of town. “Yes?” Mr. Summerfield answered. “May I have a word with your daughter Ariana?” Eliot asked nicely. “Sorry, she hasn’t return home yet, she said he needs tome alone” Mr. Summerfield said very worried. “Okay, have goodnight sir” Eliot left but kept on his search for Ariana. 

Near a river Ariana was playing a very sad melody on a violin and stopped as Eliot stood in front of her. “I need to see something…” Eliot said and held her cheeks kissing her. Ariana blushed confused looking him in the eyes. “I know now...really thank you Ariana” Eliot said happily that made Ariana smiled with tears. “I belong to Virginia, it’s the right thing, and this was nice but...” Eliot said but cut off as Ariana hurting even more confused backed away from him and ran away as her heart was broken again. Ariana leaning up against a tree but slid slowly down crying as rain began to start.

Suddenly a dog ran to her barking in a panic and Ariana followed him that took her to the woods with a river, there a boy could been seen unconscious and hurt with a wound.  Ariana panicing with the dog as the rain was pouring and held the handsome boy in her arms desperately trying to stop the wood on his side and begun to do mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Ariana stopped and touched her lips and kissed the boy awakening him. “You’re alright” Ariana said very happy and smiled as her voice came back finally. “Who are you?” Ariana asked smiling as she held his cheeks. The boy smiled up in her eyes as he rubbed her cheek and removed a string of her red hair from her eyes. “My name is Eric” *** 

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