As one door closes, another opens

Rochelle is frozen in time. Her time. The 21st century. She wants to change it. Forever. Her life is terrible, and wants to go to her own fantasy. When she walks into her attic, her thoughts come to life. Her made up creatures walk down the street with her, climbing up the trees is the staircase to heaven, and people from all generations come together. The best part is, her family aren't there to annoy her. She feels happy, till she looks through a portal looking at her real life. She knows she has to get back, but it isn't as easy as that. Will she go back home?


1. Diversus

No one ever said life was easy, but they never said it was hard either. No one said you had to live it, did they? But you can't change it once it's started. I've struggled through the past 12 years of my life, wondering if one day, I can go to some other place, some other time, some other life. Through out my life, I've made up a world of my own: Diversus, and it had creatures like the Drole, a big fluffy creature who is very stupid and funny, and comes in a variety of brights colours, or the Seria, a clever and serious floating diamond shaped thing which is a white or grey colour and years glasses, like a ghost who is very bright! I feel at home in this world. 

It's nothing like my real home, mind you. My real home if full of teenagers (my brothers and sisters) and shouting adults(my parents). I'm the youngest, and I hate being taken as 'The Baby Sister'. My parents always find something to argue about, and I think over the years they have been the cause of my ear infections. I usually lock myself in my room and write about Diversus, thinking about the inhabitants, and baddies. 

The Erschrechend is the baddie. You know when he's coming: the air becomes cold, the sky goes black, and you see in only black and white. He comes as a storm cloud, and his voice is a deep rumbling that is very hard to understand. He sends out invisible spies to watch his back.

The feud started hundreds and hundreds of years back, when Erschrechend came to Diversus from his home town Breite-Weg, but some of the residents upset him, especially the king, Kleine, a small orange squeaky character by telling his fortune, which no body is allowed to say (mainly because I haven't thought of it yet!).

One day I had locked myself in my room, to turn around and be faced with another door. I wasn't even in my room. Just a long, thin, plain corridor which I didn't recognize. Without thinking, I turned the handle of the door opposite me. I found myself in the middle of a woods, and through a clearing heard happy cheery voices.

I knew my short journey had taken me into Diversus.

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