The Truth

Anna has never told a lie, but recently when she tells the absolute truth, she sees visions of what would happen if she had lied about it. She curses herself for not lieing about it, as sometimes the visions lead to good things. She starts to lie, waiting for something good to happen, but the opposite is always there. The boyfriend who once adored her, now hates her. The grades that were once so high, have seeped down low and the friends she once told everything too have now left her and now spread her secrets. Anna has to get back to the truth, but how?


2. The first lie

Anna cried, wailing into her pillow.

The visions were now haunting her reminding her of her stupid honesty. Why couldnt she be cool and lie like Jenny? Jenny didn't do it often, but often enough. Anna thought about the turnouts for Jenny after she lied. Most of the time the teacher believed her and people thought she was cool because of her cal m voice and easy lieing skills. Ugh sometimes Jenny seemed so perfect to Anna, Anna made a vow to try and lie when the next situation came up and suddenly the curse of the visions lifted, her mind cleared and for the firt time all day she could think clearly without the cur-sed visions clouding her thoughts and judgement. The angry cloud had finally dispeared from above her head and was replaced by a happy sun. she smiled and started to laugh, now seassured she had made the right descision.

Suddenly a vision attacked Annas mind and she watched as her descision played out in her head :


Ana sat on her bed, wiping the tear tracks of her face. Annas other, Alison, came in and sat down on the bed next to her daughter. " Whats wrong Bunny Boo?" Alison said as she squeezed her daugters shoulders. "Nothing mum and please stop callign me that, sorry mum but i am 14 now" Anna exclaimed, smiling a little at the funny nickname her mum still called her. " Alright im sorry!" Alison huffed and looked around Annas room. " Anna Sophia Woodruff! How come your room is so messy! Clean it up please.....NOW!" Alison shouted and moved to leave the room. "Wait mum, i'm sorry my room is such a mess. Its just ive had to find alot of stuff to help with homework , so i had to pull a few things out. And because i have been doing alot i guess its just iccumulated! Im sorry" Anna held her head down pretending to be ashamed.  "Oh honey im sorry u have noticed you've been working very hard lately! This is supposed to be a suprise but what the heck,  me and dad have decided to buy you those expensive concert tickets, one for you and one for Jenny!"

The vision disappeared like smoke flooding out of a window, the wind carrying it out quickly. Anna smiled, as she replayed herself in the vision, watching herself as she lie about her messy room and undone homework,


She could hardly contain herself as Annas mother walked through the door and sat down next to her.

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