The Truth

Anna has never told a lie, but recently when she tells the absolute truth, she sees visions of what would happen if she had lied about it. She curses herself for not lieing about it, as sometimes the visions lead to good things. She starts to lie, waiting for something good to happen, but the opposite is always there. The boyfriend who once adored her, now hates her. The grades that were once so high, have seeped down low and the friends she once told everything too have now left her and now spread her secrets. Anna has to get back to the truth, but how?


1. Telling the Truth

"Where is your homework?!" Mrs.Goldsmith shouted, pointing at Anna. " Im sorry miss, i left it at home" Anna whispered, upset about leaving it at her house. " Well thats a detention, im dissapointed in you Anna, i hear from all the teachers you have never failed in bringing in your homework and that it is always very high standard" Mrs.Goldsmith frowned causing lines to form all over her face like creases on a crumpled up piece of paper that has been straightened out again. Anna felt hot tears pricking, never had she forgotton her homework and never had a teacher looked so upset with her.

Suddenly a vision clouded Annas thoughts:


Mrs.Goldsmith came round to Annas table, and asked her is she had her homework. Anna bit her lip not sure if Mrs.Goldsmith would believe her. " Miss.Goldsmith I'm sorry but i was not sure if the homework was due in today or tommorrow so i handed it in to the receptionist  and forgot to pick it up this morning, so i went in tutor time but the reception was closed"  Anna blushed slithly, worried about the lie she had told. The 'reception closed' part was true but she had left it at home and remembered on the ride over that it was due in today. " Alright Anna, that was smart of you to give it into reception i think you need a stamp  (equivalent to a sticker!) for that and im sorry it was closed, could you please have it on my desk tommorrow morning" Mrs.Goldsmith said. Yes! She believed her! And she got a stamp!


Jenny, Anna's bestfriend, ran to her and smiled. "Did you really leave it in Reception?" Jenny questioned. "No.. i guess i just lied, i feel kinda' bad, should i have done that?" Anna whispered, suddenly aware that she had lied to a teacher, which she had never done before. Anna was always honest, she never had anything to lie about.........until today. "No i think its fine i mean you've never done it before, so who cares. Your so smart Mrs.Goldsmith didnt believe my pathetic story" Jenny blushed, Anna hated that Jenny never thought that she was smart, because Jenny really was smart! " Thanks Jen but i dont feel smart, just glad i didnt get a detention"


Avan walked over to Anna where she was sitting with Jenny eating a tiny strawberry ice cupcake, he smiled. He greeted her with a sweet gentle peck on the cheek and reached for her hand. Jenny burst out about the whole scenario about the homework lie. " Your so smart Anna, just one of the reasons why i love you so much" Avan gushed over Anna. " Thanks Avan, i loev you too"


Anna felt slightly dizzy as she came too from  her vision which always left her disorientated. She smiled at the happy vision she had had. Everyone was so nice to her not that there werent when she did tell the truth but they thought she was super smart! Her heart started to sink as she realised that if only she had be smart enough to lie that maybe the vision would have come true. Maybe she wasnt so smart after all.

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