2. The little doll's curse


There was a little girl, who had a little girl.

That little doll had curly blond hair, big blue eyes and porcelain skin. It was perfect in every way.

The little girl loved her doll, but she was also envious and wished she looked like it.


One night, when the moon was full, the little girl was lying in her bed and couldn't sleep.

The doll was lying besides her, staring at the ceiling.

The little girl looked at her doll and started to cry.

Why couldn't she be beautiful.

She looked out at the moon, tears streaming down her face, wishing with all her heart that she looked like the doll.

The moon felt the little girls pain and desperation and granted her her wish.


The next morning, when her parents came to wake her.

The little girl had disappeared and there was now two dolls in her bed.

Her parents looked for her everywhere, but couldn't find her.

The little girl and her doll looked alike now and the little girl was happy.

But when she heard her parents cry, she wondered if this was right.

When it became night again, she called out to the moon, begging it to change her back.

But the moon could only give her one wish.


The little girl was now and forever a perfect doll, loved by another little girl, who wished for perfection.

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