The story is about a girl called Ocean Moon. Ocean is under pressure to be liike everyone else. As a young girl, Ocean had a unique sense about her, but now she wants to follow the crowd, to be like the pretty, popular girls. Ocean is soon under the influence of bullying, not because of the way she thought, which was ugly and fat, but because she was genuinely beautiful on the outside and on the inside. Ocean soon gains the favour of the most popular girl in school, and starts to compare herself with them. Also the girls in miss populars group are the kind who peer presure. Ocean is up for a LONG ride. On the other half of this tory, a girl called Midnight is strugglin to cope with the fact that her sister has cancer. The battle with cancer is tough on us all, but there are more problems that Midnight will encounter...


6. Torn.

Ugh. All I seem to do these days is faint! But it doesn't matter, because in these blissful dark times, I can get away from it all, I can block out the words that constantly ring through my head. Cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, CANCER. I hate that word, and I hate what it does to my family. My little sister is a meer slip of a girl, her fingers to small to do anything, even if they could do anything, Her hair limp, her face pale, Her mouth dry. Everyday is coming closer to the end. Everyday when we get home, mum sits and rocks herself to and fro in a corner.we're always so hungry. Mum has been made redundant. Yup. the people at the super market say that mum spends to much time at the hospital, for goodness knows what reason. we can't tell them because mum doesn't like having people pitying us and telling us they're sorry, when they don't even know the person. Mum and I are being evicted next week as well. It's to much to take in. Mum's joining the army of redundant workers, we are joining the millions of homeless people, and my little sister has cancer. It makes my head ache. where will we go? how will we eat? I'm the one that has to worry about all this. Sigh. I wish I could just go back to being a normal teenager. I just don't know what to do anymore. All I know is I have to stay strong and brave for mum. Pretend life is an icepop. eventually it will disappear, just like my problems. I have to find a shelter for the homeless or something like that. But for now I have to pack suitcases and hide them outside where the rain can't reach them,  the stars can't twinkle on them, the sun can't shine on them, and the re-po man can't find them.

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