The story is about a girl called Ocean Moon. Ocean is under pressure to be liike everyone else. As a young girl, Ocean had a unique sense about her, but now she wants to follow the crowd, to be like the pretty, popular girls. Ocean is soon under the influence of bullying, not because of the way she thought, which was ugly and fat, but because she was genuinely beautiful on the outside and on the inside. Ocean soon gains the favour of the most popular girl in school, and starts to compare herself with them. Also the girls in miss populars group are the kind who peer presure. Ocean is up for a LONG ride. On the other half of this tory, a girl called Midnight is strugglin to cope with the fact that her sister has cancer. The battle with cancer is tough on us all, but there are more problems that Midnight will encounter...


4. Tear-stained.

Oh why oh why oh WHY was i so horrible about angel this morning? I can't believe I might never hear her little voice again, or her little footsteps. The doctor says its....cancer. cancer. cancer. CANCER. Angel doesn't deserve this! she's only a child! My god. It's all my fault. Please God! Have mercy! Let her live! my mum keeps telling me, over and over that it wasn't my fault but it was. I'm such a horrible person! take me God! TAKE ME! Mum says she'll get better. she says it's ok. It's not ok. I'm so horrible. Everyday she gets smaller and paler. everyday she looks more and more like an old lady, who is so obviously a dying person. Death is a cruel thing. It takes the people we love away from us, slowly, in front of our own eyes. It's so horrible. UGH I'M HORRIBLE! Mum says I need to see a counciller. So I'm at one now. He says it's natural to feel as though it's our fault that loved ones are dying. Mum and I go to see Angel every day now. Mum stays for hours, holding her hand. It's so hard to believe that one day, I might be an only child. I hate me. I'm so stupid. I'm just so weird too. I wish people wouldn't be overly kind as well. I mean, even Karen gives me sympathetic pats on the shoulder or nods from the head. I wish things were back to normal. I wish Angel still talked to us. I wished mum was so upset all the time. It kills me seeing Mum like that.I have to tell Angel how sorry I am that i was so snappy with her that morning. I have to...have to say...sorry. Darkness is passing in my head. my arms and legs are like jelly. I need someone..someone

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